Easter At The Lake

We took the day off work Friday to get to our family lakehouse early, and we had the BEST time. Mom had some toys for Camille there, which made packing up a lot easier (not that packing up for a 10-month old is ever "easy" or "quick"). 

We had a lot of fun watching her practice her walking!

That evening, she went to bed at seven o'clock like normal, and I was sitting in the kitchen with Ian and my parents. We had some wine poured and Mom was getting dinner prepared. I was sitting at the island just chatting with her and the guys. The doorbell rang and we all sort of looked at each other with a little panic ... what in the world? The house is in sort of a remote location, and we had no idea who could be at the door. 

It was my sister Laura and my brother in law! They originally were going to be with his family for Easter, but plans slightly changed and they decided to keep it a surprise from us and just show up at our door! What an awesome surprise!

The next day we took Camille on her first boat ride. I just love this photo of Laura and Camille! We always called Laura "the baby" and now Camille has that nickname, and I'll be darned if these two babies don't look like twins in this photo. Love it. 

We had lunch out that day at our favorite little family-owned restaurant, and then we cooked in again that night. We had the most fun setting up the Easter Bunny treats that evening before bed.

I wasn't expecting Camille to really understand much, but she was actually pretty interested in her basket the next morning! It was so cute. She got a snack cup, a sippy cup, some puffs, a swim diaper, bunny ears, and a bubble wand. My mom also made her a dress and matching bonnet! (The Cadbury Creme eggs are for me ... they are my weakness) :) She also had two new outfits and a fuzzy bunny easter basket that were from her other grandma and her great-grandma.

She just looked so precious in her Easter outfit!

Laura also taught me how to make the tassels by hand that she uses on her necklaces and bracelets in her Etsy shop. During Camille's nap that morning, I made the pink, gold and white necklace that I wore with my Easter outfit.

Not as cute? The rabbit glasses. Oh my, they look so creepy! HA! But we had fun with them.

It was such a fun time with family and we made some great memories. Crazy to think that next year, Camille will get the whole "hunting for eggs" deal even better. I already can't wait!


  1. Looks like a great weekend..that Easter dress and bonnet are too cute!

  2. Oh, those rabbit glasses are hilarious! And I love that pic of the two of us.

  3. That is so much fun your sister surprised you!! I did that to my mom once and we all cried with happiness lol looks like y'all had a sweet Easter :)

  4. It was beautiful weather this weekend. Glad you were able to get out with your family and enjoy it.

  5. Super cute pics! Yay for boat rides and fun family time! Happy first Easter sweet Camille!

  6. Babies seem to make every holiday better. That homemade dress and the seersucker outfit are so cute!

  7. I can not get over Camilles adorable Easter outfit that your mom's just so perfect

  8. that seersucker dress is adorable!! how is she practicing walking already?! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. so, when is #2 on the way? i'm guessing soon ;)

  10. Love these pictures! That dress is too sweet!

  11. What kind of life jacket is that and did you like it? I am wanting to get one for my son and that one is cute not so boring. Thanks!

  12. sooo sweet! Still lovin' that life vest! I have the link saved! :)


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