All In The Details.

Spotted in the dressing room last week in Orlando, Florida at the Tory Burch outlet:

Gah, do they just do everything perfectly?!  It really is all in the details.

And I know what your next question is, and no, I didn't buy anything!  I must have been out of my mind but I just wasn't finding anything that was really tickling my fancy.  Although I did have my fingers crossed that this gorgeous bikini top would fit.  They were out of bottoms (apparently the European women bought a lot of the bottoms only, no tops needed!) but I knew I could find some to coordinate.  Sadly enough, no dice.  It will not be packed in my honeymoon bag.  Super cute though.

Did I mention it was only $19.99?!?!


  1. TB outlet - love it. I went to one in New York and the prices weren't that amazing. The swimsuit top sounds like a good deal though!

  2. Tori Burch outlet??? Never heard of it! :-) WE NEED ONE! :-)

  3. I had no idea that TB has an outlet!!!


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