Saturday's St. Patty's Day Festival in Columbia

On Saturday I hit the road early for Columbia, SC -- my hometown!  The Five Points area of Columbia really does it big for St. Patty's Day.  A green fountain, beer, live bands, bagpipers, beer, dancing, debauchery, and oh, did I mention beer?  There's a lot of it.  Ian couldn't join because he was at a friend's bachelor weekind in Charleston, SC, so I enjoyed the festival with my family.

Mom & me
{yes we are aware that those beer cans are HUGE but my economical father found the place with the cheapest price for the most ounces.  The rest of the day we asked him to get us "little beers"}

Me, Mom, youngest sis Laura

My sweet Columbia friend Allie

Los Padres

Lots of healthy food choices


Charleston friends (and way cute couple) Catherine & Patrick

It was a fantastic way to spend a beautiful 80-degree Saturday afternoon!  Now, let me grab my huge coat as I prepare to hop a flight to Rochester, NY......  Ciao!


  1. FUN! Columbia looks so pretty! I have never been there, but it is on our list of places to visit in the South.

    Where did you get your pretty green dress? You look so gorgey in it!


  2. Fun! So many fond memories of St. Patrick's Day in Five Points. :-)

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  4. Your parents look like so much fun :) What a great St. Pattys day!


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