Lipstick Must-Have & Some Wedding That Was Today

I need to start off with sharing some amazing goodness with you today.  Thanks to my sweet mother, I've been introduced to this:

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate.  Mom and Dad visited last weekend to help us move into our new house, and before dinner Saturday night she whipped this out of her purse.  She and I often wear the same shades of lipstick well, so I asked her what it was.  She gushed to me that after application, she often woke up the next morning with the lipstick still slightly on.  Girls ... it is true.  I used her lipstick that night and woke up with a hint of it still on my lips.  This was after a tapas dinner, two St. Germain cocktails, and 8 hours of slumber.  And a smooch or two.

I have been having a thing lately for red lips, so I bought it the other day in Top Tomato.  It's a true red, but on me it went a little more hot pink.  It was just too bright.  I went out at lunch today and bought the next deeper color, Superb Sangria.  I'm hoping for a nice glamorous red, and I'll let you know what I think.  It goes on matte, but you can add a gloss to the top for a nice shiny lip.  It runs about $7-8 ... a definite steal for that type of longlasting lipstick!

In other new, there was a wedding today.

I know you may be Royal-Weddinged-Out but my oh my, did you see this cake?!  It is 8 tiers of pure perfection.  Just lovely.

I didn't watch all of the wedding.  I did wake up 30 minutes early, got ready, set my hair in rollers, and made a cup of tea.  And in true English style, I took it with milk.  Okay, it wasn't so much milk as it was powdered creamer with a pack of Splenda.  But it was still delicious.  And I watched the 3-hour DVRed wedding in about 20 minutes, thanks to fast forward.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted to watch all of it, but a working gal's gotta do what a working gal's gotta do!

Happy Friday.  :)


  1. Are you going tonight? I hope so! Does that lipstick dry your lips out? A lot of those color stays do.

  2. so glad you shared this lipstick secret! i've been looking for something just like this! thanks!!

    Check out my Blog Trade-Off post to read about some of my fav blogs and share some of your own!!

  3. I can't believe that your lipstick stayed on OVERNIGHT! That's crazy good! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to a tomato red, but I'm thinking about starting with coral and going from there.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Looked like it was out of a fairy tale :)

  5. Years ago I used a different version of colorstay; I need to check this one out. Oh, and this working girl did the same thing re: the wedding!


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