How Are They Finding You?

So after yesterday's post about the wacky search keywords that bring some people to my blog, a few of you had questions about how to search the keywords that bring people to your blog.

It's really pretty easy and a lot of fun to track.
  • My blog is kept thrugh Blogger, so I start at my Dashboard.
  • Click "Stats" on your Dashboard.  This will bring you to a page entitled "Overview"
  • At the top, under the "Stats" tab, click "Traffic Sources"
  • Scroll down to "Search Keywords"
  • While under "Search Keywords", you can change the timeline of your search between the following: Now/Day/Week/Month/All Time (I think the searches you'll find under "Now" and "Day" are the funniest!
You may also use Google Analytics to track how people find your blog.

Tell me what you find!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this today! I have definitely gotten in some laughs :). Here are my top search keywords:

    "got his face painted"
    chihuahua nano
    essie boat house
    savannah smiles bar
    task list
    the skies opened up

    These are HILARIOUS! So glad you told me about this!

  2. 4 toed hedgehog
    are luke conard and lauren fairweather dating
    face swap
    family mud fight
    girls fart on cake
    kia pride
    mysterious pile of bones and rock
    prom 1991

    I think these are probably the weirdest.

  3. By the way, I was 4 in 1991 definitely not at prom.

  4. Love reading these. Too funny. Mine are not as exciting:

    navy and green wedding palette
    bubble room orange cake
    little miss southern love
    navy blue and green wedding photos
    round cut engagement ring with halo and thin band
    wedding maps

    But still fun to do. And now I am trying to figure out google analytics because it sounds cool. It says loading so we'll see!



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