A Best Friend's Wedding

This post is a little overdue.  But man oh man, you are going to love this wedding!

One of my very best friends married her dream guy on August 27.

Ashley met Chase and for (way too long) they insisted that they were "just friends."

Until they decided that they loved each other.

So here is their wedding.

Friday night's rehearsal dinner was just lovely and I wore my new dress from Cynthia Rowley that I bought during this trip to King Street in Charleston, SC.  If you've ever been shopping down King St., you know it's divine.

Another best friend of mine, Kerry

Ashley's wedding gift to Chase: a banjo.  Cute story behind this one.

Bride-to-be and the bridesmaids

Kerry and me

The next morning, we had a bridesmaids brunch at Ashley's family home while everyone enjoyed girly food and got beautified.

Then we made our way to the church to finish getting ready and get Ashley in her wedding gown.  Upon arriving, we spotted their getaway car ... her grandfather's Model T. 

And after making our way to the bridal suite, I fell in love with her junior bridesmaid's kissing ball.  How cute is this?!


Ashley gave us these monogrammed coverups for part of a bridesmaids gift.  Yep, I live in mine now.

A classically gorgeous bride!

And it was no surprise that the wedding ceremony was perfect and beautiful in every single way.  The newly married couple exited in that gorgeous Model T car.


We picked them up in the limo and all made our way to the reception.  Knocking back a few bottles of bubbly, as could be expected.

For all of you ADPis out there ... we just couldn't help ourselves!  Old habits die hard??


With my sweetie.  Three months ago, this was us tying the knot!

And the newlyweds started their honeymoon by running through dozens of sparklers.  So pretty.

Congratulations, Ashley and Chase.  You two "just friends" are absolutely perfect for each other.  XOXO


  1. Love the Model T! That is so neat!! Love bringing back the <> love at weddings!! I am an ADPi too! <3

  2. Waaay too many awesome things going on in this post.

    1. Those monogrammed coverups are darling.
    2. A banjo, really? That is amazing.
    3. LOVE the Model T car. Sigh.
    4.Obsessed with your pink rehearsal dinner dress!!!
    5. Gorgeous Bride!!!

    What a great weekend!

  3. Love all the pics! and seriously, are spa wraps not the best thing ever! Beautiful wedding!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! It looks like it was a lot of fun. I love the pinks.

  5. I'm pretty sure one of the few compelling reasons for me to NOT run away and elope is so I can have a wedding album full of ADPi Throwin' Diamonds pictures. And I'm really malevolently excited to exact revenge on certain lunatic family members by way of seating charts.... bwahahaha

  6. What a gorgeous wedding! Love your rehearsal dress and the towel wraps! xoxo

  7. What a gorgeous wedding! Love your rehearsal dress and the towel wraps! xoxo

  8. Love it all! don't you just love going to weddings now that yours is over?? We did!
    Her dress is classic. Much like mine. I likey :)

  9. you looked stunning, April! and the bride did too! What a wonderful waiting celebration and love story :)

  10. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!! soo we don't live too far from each other!! :)

  11. I am loving your CR dress!! Is that coral on it?!?

  12. love. your. dress. what a fun weekend!

  13. I love the car that the bride drove off in....the picture honestly looks like it was taken from the fifties or sixties. It looks like you all had a great time - the CR rehearsal dress.

  14. I love all the pink!!! Especially the towel wraps haha.

  15. Such a classic, southern soiree. I adore her dress - it is absolutely timeless.

  16. I love this! I love the Model T, adore the bridesmaids gift, and am swooning over your friend's wedding dress.


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