Fate, I Tell Ya.

Fate.  It's a cool thing.

I've been blogging for nearrrrrly one year (my blog birthday is tomorrow - yippee!) and it has put me in touch with some fabulous women.

Take BLC from The Company She Keeps, for example.  This sweet gal and I had dinner together last night and topped off the night with a glass of bubbly!  Lots of laughs and good conversation, as always.

So am I saying it's fate that brought us together as pals?

Well, yes ... but what I was REALLY talking about was the fact that it is fate that I got together with this Lilly lover last night, and Lilly is going to be on Rue La La today!  And SOON! 

So set your alarm for 10:59am Eastern time and get your mouse clicker finger ready.  Rue La La is one of my absolute favorite sale sites, always highlighting some of the best designers and at a fraction of the price.  And Lilly on discount?!  Yes, please!

Oh, and yes, I really do think it is fate that has put me in contact with some of the coolest bloggers ever.  :)


  1. So excited about the Lilly sale! Thanks for reminding me. :)

  2. How fun! You're always meeting up with bloggers!

  3. What A great picture of both of you--beautiful ladies!!!

    Ummmm, Rue La La AND Lilly. Be Still My Heart. But self-imposed shopping hiatus can't end soon enough!


  4. I'm new to blogging but hopefully can make some blogger friends soon! I'm still getting used to everything but I love it!

    And I just checked out the Lilly sale but I was a little disappointed :(

  5. I love the bloggers I've been connected with, and I've gotten so much closer to some girls who I've known for a while but just found out they have a blog.

    Blogs do great things for people!


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