Walkin' In Memphis

This past week, my work travels took me to Memphis, Tennessee.  I couldn't wait to get there and have some adventures again with Christin from A Classy, Southern Wife!

Christin picked me up and we started off by driving by the infamous Pink Palace, built in the 1920s as the dreamhome to the founder of Piggly Wiggly.  Due to some legal disputes, he later declared bankruptcy -- without ever even occupying this pink marble manse -- and gave the home to the city to be used as a museum. 

From the Pink Palace to a brothel we went.  Earnestine & Hazel's was next our next stop.  This Memphis landmark is a beer and burger-serving bar that actually had an operating brothel upstairs until ... get this ... 1993.  Crazy, right?

Christin and I started off downstairs chatting with George, who cooked us the most amazing Soul Burger.  Topped with sauteed onions and a "secret sauce," Christin was so right in insisting we split one, even though it was 4pm and we had big dinner plans!  We sat up at the original bar of this Memphis institution, had a cold beer and chatted with George about the crazy history of the building.

Next we made our way upstairs for a tour of the brothel.  I'll let these pictures do the talkin'.

Message on the way up the stairs
I stood perfectly still and  straight to take this picture.  The stairs are THAT sloped.

Nice headboard, ew.

So from the Pink Palace to the brothel and then on to the classy Peabody Hotel we went to see the ducks march. 

The area around their fountain was packed and we scored a balcony spot for a good view.

For dinner we headed to Old Venice, the same place where we went this past summer.  You just can't beat half-priced wines and pizzas!  We were joined by Delta Daisies and Pretty In Pink Megan and we had the best time together.

I've gotta get back to Memphis soon, these girls are just too much fun. 


  1. Fun! We were in Memphis for a wedding last October. Such a fun place!! Want to get back there one day.

  2. Love Memphis! Looks like fun... must visit that brothel next time I go!!! ha

  3. Christin took you to great places! Old Venice is my favorite...and its only 5 minutes from my house! Looks like you had fun in Memphis!!!

  4. Looks like yall had a blast! The duck march is too funny!

  5. So jealous of this! Looks like you all had such a fun time! And Christin took you some sweet spots. I need to drag myself down for a visit...and by drag, I mean take the concord (did I spell that right?)

  6. I saw this as a suggestion post on your one from yesterday and had to read it since I am from Memphis! It's crazy the historic things you take for granted when living somewhere. I absolutely LOVE the Pink Palace and know a few people that have gotten married there.. gorgeous! It was nice to read someone's excited point of view visiting my hometown. :) I moved 2 years ago to Charlotte and reading things like this make me realize the little things I miss!


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