Wreath Party At Mi Casa

On Sunday I had a few girlfriends over to our house for a little holiday crafting party.  Can I just say that it was pretty much my most favorite way ever to spend an afternoon?!  I mean, really, I wonder if the girls want to come over again this coming Sunday... hmm.

I covered our dining room table in craft paper so that we didn't have to worry about getting glitter and hot glue all over the place -- and clean-up was an absolute snap.

 Since I am remote-challenged, Ian helped me get Christmas music flowing through the house.

I readied the Rosemary Rosé cocktails for pouring (recipe below!)

And I prepared a batch of apple chips for snacking!

We started off icing some sugar cookies.  

Here's mine!

And when the glue guns were nicely heated up, we got busy constructing the wreaths.

Here's my project -- I had a purple glittery wreath from previous years that I made.  I first made it in -- get this -- 2000 (so yes, it's adorned my front door for more than 10 years now!) and I keep adding things to it during the years to keep it fresh.  So now that we are in our new home and we have two front doors, I wanted to take off half of the items on wreath 1, add them to wreath 2, and then add in some new items to both wreaths to make them identical.

My girlfriend Kim, on the left below, worked on a moss-covered letter.  Kim's a blog reader ... HI KIM!  :)

And my other girlfriend Kristi had a live wreath from Trader Joe's that she covered in faux red berries and a fabulous cheetah-print bow.

Our friend Sarah used the template below to create her wine cork wreath.

It turned out amazingly, don't you think?!

As did Kristi's...

And Lindsay's ...

And Kim's!

And here are my finished wreaths.

Now for the fun part, and let's face it, the reason you stuck around (you lush, you). 

The recipe for the yummy cocktail I made us!

I first saw this recipe -- I think? -- in Real Simple magazine.

Rosemary Rosé

1 bottle of rosé wine, chilled
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
5-6 sprigs of fresh rosemary, rinsed

To make a rosemary simple syrup, bring 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar to a boil on the stove.  Once boiling, stir well and add in rosemary sprigs.  Remove from heat and let cool.  Remove rosemary and transfer to the fridge in an airtight container.  (I made mine on Wednesday and kept it in the fridge until Saturday)

To serve, pour a glass of rosé over ice and stir in the rosemary simple syrup to taste.



  1. What a fun party! All the wreaths turned out great! I love the chandelier in your dinning room!

    And that cocktail sounds amazing!

  2. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon: crafting, friends, and let's face it--booze. I love how each and every wreath is so different, I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried!!!

  3. Creative girls!!! Love that fresh berries! I may have to do that to my live wreath! They all look amazing.
    Oh, and the cocktail? I may steal that for my cookie party!! Hope you can make it!

  4. How fun!! Love the wreath you made it is gorgeous!

  5. what a fun girls afternoon! Your wreath is darling, and the drink looks delish!

  6. Ahh looks like a BLAST!!! I'm going to steal this idea next year and host one for my friends too :)

  7. looks like you girls had a great time!!!! love all the wreaths!

  8. Looks so fun! Love some Sunday afternoon girl time and I'm definitely going to have to try this cocktail recipe! Purple is my FAVORITE color so I absolutely love your wreaths. The cork one is cute too!

  9. What a gorgeous group of wreaths, I love all the different varieties and those apple chips? yum!

  10. I love your purple wreath! It is so pretty!

    I want to (attempt to) make my own wreath one day soon. I'm not sure how it will turn out though, but I guess that's the fun in it!


  11. I've been thinking about hosting a craft day at my apartment and I think you have convinced me to do it! So fun! I love everyone's wreath and those apple chips look delicious!

  12. wow it looks like you had such a good time! did you pre-bake the sugar cookies ahead of time or buy them pre-made? just curious because I'm thinking of doing something similar!

    loving your wreaths!

  13. wow it looks like you had such a good time! did you pre-bake the sugar cookies ahead of time or buy them pre-made? just curious because I'm thinking of doing something similar!

    loving your wreaths!

  14. THe recipe was like a cherry on top of an ice cream Sunday :)

    LOVE how all of the wreaths turned out! I need to find girlfriends in my town so I can host fun parties like this!

  15. This sounds like the perfect day with friends! All of your wreaths look fantastic and that cocktail sounds delicious!

  16. Oh my goodness-I want to host such a fun craft party like this! Love everyone's wreaths. I've been yearning to make one of the wine cork ones myself. ;)

  17. This looks like so much fun!! I love the cheetah print bow mixed with the berries--a fun way to spice things up! And I'm so impressed by your wreath lasting for 10+ years!!

  18. You all are so crafty!!! I would love to host a party like this some day.

  19. The rosemary rose sounds super yummy!! Love all your crafts too...I need to make the cork wreath!!


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