A Beautiful Hotel Stay

So, during this week I have been in the following airports:

* Charlotte
* Minneapolis
* Seattle
* Portland
* Sacramento

And today I will be in the following:

* Oakland
* Phoenix
* CHARLOTTE!  Home sweet home.

Yes, that is an insane amount of airports.  And, I've also been on one train and I've stayed in five different hotels.

The travel can get a little crazy, and the days have been long.  When I was booking hotels for this trip, I found a great hotel in Lafayette, California.  I typically stay at the same brand of hotel, but this one was only about $10 more and they were running a promotion where a spa service was included.


The Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa is just beautiful as you drive up.  I checked in right in time for my facial.  Stephanie was my aesthetician and she introduced me to Pevonia products.  Rather than using a scrub or brush to exfoliate my face, she used this amazing pineapple and papaya enzyme peel.  My skin was so smooth the next morning.

The Lafayette Park Spa

Definitely one of the best facials I've ever had!

The rest of the hotel is just beautiful.  I snapped a few more pictures on the way out to dinner, which was a separate adventure in itself.

Definitely a lovely time, but I am so very happy to be traveling back to Charlotte tonight!


  1. This post warms my heart. I went to college close to Lafayette (in Moraga) and got married in Walnut Creek. We stayed at the Lafayette Park on our wedding night before we left for our honeymoon. Love seeing these pictures!

  2. Beautiful hotel! And Minneapolis is close to my hometown!

  3. I grew up in the area, and have been there many times! It's such a pretty hotel! and the restaurant there is very good as well :)

  4. I hope you have a very restful weekend - you need it!

  5. love when travel works out with those little unexpected perks!! the facial sounds amazing, too, I love making at-home skin care with food - fresh & all natural!!

    have a great weekend A

  6. That looks like a lovely stay! You've been a busy lady. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!

  7. What a nice hotel! Glad you were able to sneak in a little pampering during all of that travel time. I don't know if I could be in that many airports/planes during the week - I give you major props.

  8. Oh my stars, you have been traveling quite a bit lately. This looks like a wonderful hotel. Glad you got to paper yourself a bit. Have a good weekend at home!

  9. Spa while on the road!! That's what I'm talking about! I need a facial!

  10. Nice that you were able to squeeze in a visit to the spa!!! :)

  11. My goodness that's a lot of traveling. What's your secret to keeping it together? My skin tends to suffer the most when jet setting! Maybe I'll add facials to the travel regiment?

    I just saw that deal, but can't find myself wanting to stay at a hotel that close to my home town:) Glad it was a nice trip, I'll have to try their treatments soon!

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. I know traveling as much as you do can be exhausting at times, so I'm sure this was a treat!

  13. Wow, this is gorgeous! Hope you are able to relax a bit at home before your next trip. :)

  14. You are one busy travelin' woman!! Phew, I'm tried just reading about it all! Good call with a little pampering, you deserved it!


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