My Wegman's Adventure

If you've ever known someone who has shopped at Wegman's before, they've surely raved about it.

And if you've ever been, then I'm sure you've raved about it.

Wegman's is a grocery store, but not any ol' grocery store.  Ohhhh, no.  Not even close.

While in Rochester, I decided to give it a spin.  I had about 90 minutes to kill for lunch and thought surely a grocery store trip couldn't last more than 20 or 30 minutes.  Wrong-o.  I was there for the entire time.

I was directed to go to the Wegman's in Pittsford, NY -- a short 15-minute drive from my client's office, but the best one according to them.

Opon entering I was greeted with beautiful yellow tulips ... some of my favorites.  (Sidenote: is there anything more endearing than a guy walking through a grocery store holding a bouquet of flowers for his special girl?)

The produce section was amazing and they had these precious mini-apples.  It's difficult to gauge the true tiny size of these unless you see the medium-sized green apples to the left.

My mother loves orchids, so when I saw this beautiful display of phalaenopsis, I thought of her.

I loved the idea of this rose and baby's breath bouquet being surrounded by cotton at the base.

A trail mix bar ... ingenious

And candy galore.  This is just a portion of the candy aisle.  This bulk candy always gets me in trouble.  Gummy Coke bottles and those round peach things ... you know what I'm talking about, right?!

And a great M&M display, too!  I'd be here each weekend of a sporting event getting a selection in team colors for tailgating.

If my husband lived close to a Wegman's, no doubt he'd hit up this wing bar daily and pair it with a salad (the salad bar was also out of this world).

The seafood area -- which was breathtaking -- also featured fresh oysters.

And if you're looking for some fine caviar, they have some black imported caviar at a $69.99 pricepoint.  I'll take 4.  :)

We love bringing home goodies from our local grocery store's olive bar to snack on before dinner, and this one was pretty magnificent, too.

Pick up & go cheese and dried fruit plates for $25 that even come on a nice wooden serving board.  Just remove the cellophane and you're good to go.  

And it wouldn't be New York without a great bagel selection!

I ended up going for the Asian hot bar for lunch upon the very strong recommendation of my manager (who is from upstate NY).  I had Chinese green beans, a pork bun, various dim sum, and some of that wonderful deep fried saucy chicken that is going to have me hitting the gym.  Well worth it, though.  Upstairs is a seating area where you can take your food and eat while overlooking the beautiful store.

So, have you ever been to a Wegman's?  Did I do it justice?  There were so many great things about it.  Wegman's, please come down to the Carolinas!


  1. I have been to one but can't remember where? Maybe VA. So..did people think you were a nut taking tons of pictures in the store? I always get looked at like I'm an idiot when I do it there and in restaurants. (mainly taking pics of food) haha! Safe travels!

  2. Wegmans was my FAV in New Jersey! We used to shop their all the time! So bummed they are not in Florida! :( Stay warm in NY!!

  3. those apples look delish

    check out my yummy giveaway!

  4. Have you ever been to a Fresh Market or A Southern Season in Chapel Hill! A Southern Season is a must! They have nothing but imported goods from other countries and they have a coffe bar, restaurant and a cooking class you can take classes at for cheap. They have home goods like china and goody bag stuff too! It's amazing. If you ever wanna give it a try. Hit me up I live in NC too!

  5. There's a store under construction about 5 miles from my house - I cannot wait!!

  6. GIRL STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Weggers was the ONLY place we shopped in PA. It was a Saturday ritual for us - we drove an extra 20 minutes just to go there. Heaven on earth.

    And now? No Weggers for hours near us. It was almost a deal breaker for this move. Every grocery I try I compare to Weggers and it's just not the same.

    I'm glad you had the chance to experience it - it's life changing. Let's start a campaign to bring them further south!!

  7. I adore Wegmans! We have near our shore house and it is seriously one of aspects of summer I most look forward to. Love it.

  8. THE ROUND PEACH THINGS yes those are freaking awesome.

    I love NYC but one of the things I'm honestly looking forward to about my 5 Year Plan to move to the 'burbs is Wegmans. OHH WEGMANS I LOVE YOU. (And Stew Leonard's, but that's another NY story...)

  9. Love Wegmans!! My in-laws have one right near them in Allentown, PA. I love to go peruse the store when we are visiting. They need to move to Arizona!!

  10. I want to come to Jersey just so I can shop there! Everything looks amazing especially the trail mix bar! Beautiful flowers!

  11. WOW that is just NUTS...i have to find one of these now just so i can take a field trip!!!

  12. Wegmans is what's up! It makes living in Rochester/Syracuse worth it during a blizzard like we're having today! It's why Alec Baldwin's mom refuses to move west and leave Syracuse ... it's that good!

  13. I L-O-V-E Wegman's. While I wish there was one close to me, I'm also a little thankful becuase I feel like i would spend ALL my time and money there :)

  14. I LOVE WEGMANS! seriously. my favorite grocery store. its amazing.

  15. Wegmans is the Grocery Store of Grocery Store. Seriously - they have EVERYTHING!! When I spent 6 weeks in Philly last year, Mr. Smith drove me 45 minutes each way one time so I could do my shopping there. And have the Wegmans Experience, of course. The Teet has nothing on Wegmans!!

  16. We have a Wegmans. I love it there!

  17. i LOVE wegmans!! I have two very close to me and I couldn't imagine not having them!! All of their prepped food ( asian bar, hoagies, pizza, salad bar) is amazing and perfect for lunch. I also love the fact ( atleast in my store) they have a HUGE tea selection. Wegmans is the best thing that could've ever happened to me. hah

  18. That pittsford wegmans is about 5 minutes from where I grew up :) love me some wegmans!!

  19. Ugh this makes me miss Syracuse soley for the reason of Wegmans... Yes, we had 2 in Syracuse, and my mom always joked that I should have had my birthday party in Wegman's because I loved it so much. Glad you got to enjoy it :)

  20. I've heard people rave about Wegman's and now I know why!! WOWEE!! I could spend all day in there, I love all the cool stations like the trail mix bar!

  21. I ended up here on your blog after searching for Wegmans' Trail Mix Bar. I live in Rochester, and our local one JUST got this. I was so exited!!! But yes, the Pittsford store is the biggest with probably the widest range of products. I've never seen caviar on my side of town, but who knows, maybe it's there. Wegmans IS the BEST grocery store around. Your pictures capture some great aspects of their stores. But, as a former employee (in college) I can attest to the quality and care that goes into taking care of the customer. AND I grew up just down the road from their baseball fields and track. YES, they have that and a fitness center for their employees. Pretty impressive.

    I'm going to scope out your blog now...

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