Friday Randoms.

Some random thoughts for you this Friday...

Last weekend, Ian and I decided to have friends over Saturday afternoon.  We'd planned to have a low-key dinner at home after they left, and I'd already bought the ingredients for us to have Buffalo Chicken Tacos, another recipe that was blowing up the Pinterest world.  I'd heard it was amazing. 

We were having so much fun with our friends ... the girls all feasted on appetizers and did a blind wine tasting while the boys enjoyed the newest addition to our family - a ping pong table in the garage!

Bean dip I made ... just puree canellini beans with garlic, EVOO, s&p in a food processor.

Wine #3 got our unanimous vote!

Next thing you know, the friends were still over, and it was time for dinner!  A quick thaw of extra chicken that was in the freezer and a doubling of the recipe ... and thank goodness for that spare can of refried beans in the pantry ... and I'd gone from cooking for 2 to cooking for 8.  EEK!

The recipe from How Sweet It Is was an instant hit.  You just add your diced, dredged chicken in some olive oil and brown it.  Then, toss with buffalo wing sauce. 

We served the buffalo chicken with soft tacos -- our favorite -- and shredded lettuce, avocado, and shredded cheese for the toppings.  Delicious!

This past week I traveled for work to Manning, SC.  This is a pretty small town with a small selection of restaurants -- and they're all fast-food chain restaurants.  Needless to say, I packed a dinner to bring to the hotel!  On my way home, though, I stopped for lunch with a client at Wen Lily's in Summerton, SC.  Ya'll, this place is amazing.  I had a mango chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with Asian slaw as a side.  The restaurant doubles as a gift shop with lots of fun tea towels, jewelry, kitchen accessories, and home decor.

I can't wait for the weekend -- lots of fun things planned, and we're having more painting done at our house!  Luckily, we won't be the ones slaving away this time ... we hired this project out. 

Mom's coming up on Sunday so we can go shopping.  Her favorite shoe store, Marmi, is having a sale.  She wears a size 4 shoe, so locating a shoe store that carries her size is a good find.  Plus, this weekend is the grand opening of Lilly Pulitzer at South Park Mall!
Lastly, and speaking of LP, a big thanks to The Company She Keeps for the mention on your blog post today!  You are too sweet.  :)


  1. I could smell those tacos through the screen! I might have making these for dinner tonight... who cares if we had beef tacos two nights ago?! And I love those napkins that you served with the wine. Hilarious! (I love to hear about small SC towns btw, it makes me feel at home!)

  2. What a fun idea with the wine tasting!!!

    Cannot WAIT for Lilly to open this weekend!!!!

    Happy Friday, friend!

  3. The wine tasting looks like so much fun! I love the title of that book; that's hilarious. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Your mom has ridiculously tiny feet; she must be so little. Happy shopping!

  4. Yum! I'm already hungry and this made me even more hungry. Why do I live so far away and can't enjoy some blind tasting of wine and food prepared by chef Rooties? ;)

  5. That buffalo chicken taco recipe is one of my favorites. Its also great if you make chicken caesar wraps with the chicken cooked the same way.

  6. Looks like you had such a fun night. I love the idea of doing a blind wine tasting at home! Have a great weekend :)

  7. You are making me hungry. I love everything in buffalo sauce! The wine tasting sounds like to smuch fun!

  8. I am making these tonight! Ever since I saw them the other day I have had them on my mind. Stephen's eyes lit up when I said "buffalo chicken" and "taco" in the same sentence!


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