Manda Gets Married

Back in the winter, I was contacted by a very special bride-to-be who wanted her bridesmaids outfitted in classic pearls, with a twist.
I already knew Manda through her blog, but working with her on this project was pretty amazing because I gained "insider status" ... I got to hear about her wedding colors, see her bridesmaids dresses, and be a part of her wedding planning vision!

Manda had chosen classic bridesmaids dresses in the most beautiful emerald color, and she wanted to outfit the girls in something timeless and elegant -- a simple strand of pearls.  We varied the necklaces up by changing the Swarovski crystal details at the back of the necklaces near the toggle clasp.  Manda paired each differing style up with the bridesmaid that she thought it fit best.

Here is the necklace, as seen from the front:

And from the back.

All five necklaces together created quite a fun statement piece!

And lucky me, I got to view the pieces in action through her gorgeous professional wedding photos.

Have you ever seen a more romantic bride than Manda?!

She's stunning.  I bet her groom teared up big-time.

And the girls by her side all had their own similar, yet unique, necklaces.

Thank you, Manda, for letting me be such a special part of your breathtaking wedding day.

If you are planning your wedding and looking for unique pieces to outfit your bridesmaids, special family members, or shower hostesses, please email me for details.

You may also message me through my A. Liz Designs Etsy shop.


  1. Beautiful! I love the details near the toggle, so thoughtful and pretty.

  2. Amazing! These definitely look like necklaces I would want bridesmaids to wear. Maybe one day when I get married ;)

  3. What a pretty, unique touch!

  4. Love those necklaces! They look awesome!!

  5. Love the necklaces! The clasp is so pretty, and I love the crystals that you added in the back!


  6. So pretty - you did a wonderful job!

  7. Love this! A perfect timeless touch!


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