The Written Word

So, it's no secret that I am in love with the written word.

I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the art of writing.
It's a fun place to store ideas for calligraphy fonts, monogram inspiration, and addressing styles.

Even some invitation etiquette tips.  Important, and always great to have on hand.

My collection of personal stationery and cards is (ahem) busting at the seams.  Which makes me very, very happy!

When we were living in our temporary condo before closing on our house, all I wanted to do was order some personalized return address labels.  Something about that purchase just says: "we are home" -- do you agree?

Last week I ordered some of the most amazing return address labels that I just HAVE to brag on.  Tiny Prints, you have outdone yourself once again. 

The first set of return address labels I ordered are called Blossoming Star.  I modified the text color to Wild Strawberry which is the sweetest pink color.

The second set I ordered is called Dashing Day ... also in Wild Strawberry (it comes in a few colors). 

Since both of these sets were ordered with just my name on them (and they are pretty girly), I decided to order a co-ed set as well.  The Chalkboard List design easily caught my eye.  This one reads "April + Ian" at top.

So yeah ... I stocked up.  And I had a blast doing so!

I've ordered my holiday cards through Tiny Prints before, so I knew the quality was going to be good, but even I was shocked when I received my order.  The colors are so bright and vivid.  Even better than I expected!  They have done it again.

So, from a girl who is pretty darn particular about her stationery, I can tell you that I was pleased as peas.

Next on my wishlist?  A really perfect card for Ian for his birthday.  I've got about one month left to find it.  I know it may sound silly to plan so far out for a birthday card, but he just has such a varied list of interests (zombies, golf, IPAs, skulls & crossbones, football, barbeque, his job, dogs, a low carb lifestyle, and mowing the lawn), that picking out a card that speaks to him is a fun task ... and I'm up for it!

Are you a sucker like me for gorgeous stationery and all of the fun accessories?


  1. I am a huge sucker for it. I actually studied calligraphy in the 2nd grade -- as well as a 2nd grader could anyway! Ever since then, I've been mildly obsessed with handwriting, the word word, and stationary!


  2. Love gorgeous stationary! Paper Source in Phillips Place is always my first stop for great cards.

  3. I love stationary too.. especially personalized! :) I'll have to check out that site for their address labels! Those look great!

  4. Stationary and calligraphy make me very happy! I'm like you, I always try to find THE perfect card to give Cameron. :)

  5. Stationary does not excite me at all. Although I love your enthusiasm :)

  6. um yes! i would give anything to have the gorgeous handwriting i see all over pinterest!

    ps. obsessed with the chalkboard labels - the'd be SO cute on a brown kraft paper envelope!

  7. Oooh I LOVE those! I've been meaning to do the same since we moved into our house.. a year ago! :)

  8. love them! new follower -

  9. Nothing makes me happier than some gorgeous stationary. I still love writing notes, cards and special comments to friends and family on pretty paper. :) Your collection sounds like fun!

  10. I adore those monograms! Hand lettering is so gorgeous, I'd love to learn how someday. Also, those return labels are super beautiful!

    Pinning this for when I get married someday <3

  11. I'm a stationery collector myself...the return address labels you ordered are all adorable, but my favorite by far is the Blossoming Star!


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