Halloween Costumes Through The Years

This post titled: "Halloween Costumes Through The Years"
also known as
"Getting Every Ounce Of Your Money Out Of A Black Wig"

Seriously ... it wasn't until I started corralling all of these photos together before I realized how overplayed this darn black wig was. 

Let's start with a non-wig year, 2011.
I was a ballerina (and if you are curious, Ian is Uncle Eddie from Nat'l Lampoons Christmas Vacation ... I know, it is an ingenius idea)

2010 was an off year ... we were engaged and living in a townhome in Columbia.  We didn't have many neighbors and we lived off of a busy road that parents in their right mind wouldn't let kids cross.  No costumes for us this year!

And now we shall commence with the wig years.
This was Halloween 2009.
I was a geisha, or something of the sort.
Ian was supposed to miss Halloween this year as he was in Florida for training and decided at the very last minute to fly back early.  He got in the afternoon of the party.  I threw this outfit together for him in about 3 hours!

Halloween 2008.
I was Cleopatra, or something of the sort.
My dear friend Mo was a nightstand, which was just plain awesome.

Halloween 2007.
The black wig again, but before it got a good trim!
I was Amy Winehouse.
And let it be known that I used to love wearing that jean skirt in the summer.  Yikes.

Halloween 2006.
The ever-so-classic Breakfast At Tiffany's costume.
(No wig appearance ... it's a miracle)

Halloween 2005.
The wig is back.
An overly tan and blinged-out Melania Trump.
This was back when the whole "You're Fired" thing was big.

As you can see, my costumes have become a little more tame through the years.  But one standard is that I always wear false eyelashes on Halloween, always!  They are just too fun, and when else besides that day and your wedding day can you wear big gaudy long lashes?

I'll show you my 2012 Halloween costume tomorrow, but for now, someone wants to show you his previous years' costume as well...



  1. My favorite is Amy Winehouse! RIP..
    We're not huge Halloween people but my favorite from years past is when I went as a Hooters girl. I use to have a picture.. but no clue what happened to it :(

  2. GREAT MINDS girl, I have an homage to my *pink* wig on my blog today :)

    You obv look fab in all of these!!

  3. Wow! You were an awesome Amy Winehouse. You should recycle those tattoos and that wig and do a good Kat Von D too I bet!

  4. Haha love all of the different costumes! I don't dress up very often but these are some great ideas if I ever do! :)

  5. LOVE the amy winehouse! so so fun! we rarely dress up for halloween (so sad! i know!!!!)


  6. WOAH - the Amy Winehouse year was definitely my favorite. And I love Ian's Uncle Eddie costume. You two are hilarious.

  7. Amy Winehouse?!!?! HILARIOUS!

    And you totally nailed that costume. So freaking funny!

  8. You and Ian have great costumes! I'm going to tell my husband about the Cousin Eddie idea for next year!

  9. I think you have gotten your money's worth out of the black wig! Can you send it to me so I can borrow it tomorrow? I'm sure I can come up with a way to use it between now and then. ;) Love the Cleopatra outfit!

  10. Te ballerina is so cute! I tried to do that one year and couldn't figure out how to pull it off. I am however not that creative!

  11. Bwahahahaha I had that exact same jean skirt and I LOVED it.

  12. OMG...your costumes are amazing! Every year I want to do something so fun and creative, but it sneaks up on me and then I'm too late. I love how much fun you have with it, and it's crazy how well you pulled off the Amy!! :)

  13. You are so fun! You are so awesome!!

  14. Great costumes over the years! I haven't dressed up in so long. Can't wait to see what you do this year!

  15. Great costumes!! I think Amy Winehouse is my fav

  16. What a fun look back. You seriously rock some Halloween costumes. The Amy Winehouse is my favorite! xx

  17. I think the Amy Winehouse was my favorite - those faux tat sleeves! So great!

  18. Wow!! I like every look of yours!! Wonderful!
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