Charlotte Holiday House Tour

This past Sunday, I was invited to join sweet Dee from Dee's Adventures for a holiday home tour.  This tour was a fundraiser put on by MMAE, the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment.  The holiday home tour lasted just through this past weekend and it was held at the home of a local physician.  Fourteen local florists took over the rooms of their lovely home and showed some great holiday floral decor ideas.

When we first entered the home, we were in awe at the gorgeous dining room.  The showstopper was the chandelier, which was decked out in crystal ornaments, twigs, and faux snow.

The room also featured a tree at the large windows.  I love the placement of this because, when lit, it is visible from the front of the house.  I also have a real weakness for a tree with an urn base like this one below.

On the walk to the kitchen there was this cute butler's pantry area.  When we were house shopping, we considered a home with one of these.  Our current house doesn't have one, but it's on my eventual home wishlist.

The kitchen was any cook's dream (can you tell that I was just as enamored -- if not more -- with the actual home's architecture than I was with the floral decor?!).  I snapped this picture for my husband because I knew he would absolutely adore the stone elements in the kitchen.

I was also really intrigued by this Thermador built-in coffee maker that is below the microwave.  How cool is this.  I looked them up online and they seem to be pretty pricey ... upwards of $2000.  I think we'll stick with our Keurig for the time being!

The family room had a gorgeous tree that was decorated with orchids amidst the ornaments.  Such a fun idea.

Even the back patio had great floral inspiration.  I loved the lime green wreaths.

The home boasted a wine cellar that was pretty spectacular.  It was closed off for the tour but you could see down into it through a wavy glass pane in the hallway wall that led to the office.

The master bathroom and bedroom also had beautiful florals.

Wouldn't you actually enjoy laundry in a spacious room like this one?

Moving on to some of the childrens' rooms -- the boy's room had some cute floral features, and the little girls' room had a beautifully-painted ceiling and the most darling beds.

A mini-tree in an urn ... instantly in love.

There was even a theatre room and an exercise room in the home.

We made our way down the hallway to the back stairs, where there was a nicely-done family gallery wall and a guest bedroom.

As we exited the home, they had even had a gift shop set up in the garage. I loved these little silhouettes.

Spending my Sunday walking through a gorgeous home and getting excited about decorating for the upcoming holidays was perfect.  Thanks, Dee, for inviting me to join you!


  1. I saw this on Dee's blog, too! I love all the decorations and the trees. I definitely got some inspiration for how to do our decorations this year.

    And wow! I love the master bedroom - I might have to put pictures over our bed like that. Love it!

    The laundry room looks like it could be a kitchen! So pretty.


  2. I didn't notice the coffee maker! I saw that on HGTV not too long ago. They say they're not worth the money. You don't get any return on your investment and they don't even work that great.
    Thanks for coming!!

  3. How gorgeous! I love all the Christmas cheer. :)

  4. What a gorgeous house! My goodness.
    Those arrangements are beautiful as well!
    What a fun tour!

  5. A holiday home tour looks like so much fun! What a way to get ideas to decorate your own house! love it! xoxo

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  7. How gorgeous! We did a tour like this back home a few years ago and I loved seeing all of the different homes and how they were decorated. What a fun event :)

  8. wow these pictures are gorgeous. xx

  9. What a beautiful house. Was this in South Park? It looks super familiar to me!


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