Adventures With Warby Parker (Round 1)

Third grade is never easy.  But when you can't see the chalkboard, it can be tortorous.

I remember that my teacher, Mrs. Taylor, tried to help me out as much as she could -- making eye contact with squinty little me before a lesson, giving me a head nod signaling that it would be okay to move up to an empty seat at the front of the classroom so I could see.  Later that year came the eye exam and then my first prescription for glasses. 

Trying my new red plastic-framed glasses on in Lenscrafters in Columbia Mall that day was like hearing an angel choir singing.  I remember going back to school and thinking, so THIS is what the chalkboard looks like from the back of the room for everyone else ... holy moly!

From those plastic frames, I graduated to wire-rimmed frames, and about 6 or 7 years ago I splurged on some wire-rimmed Dolce and Gabbana frames with plastic side arms, complete with D&G in crystal rhinestones.  They were the best.  And now they are ready to go to blingy eyewear heaven, so I turned to Warby Parker for some new eyeglasses.

They have a home try-on system where you can get five pair of your choosing mailed to you at no cost.  You try them on in the comfort of your own home and then mail them back.  You have five days to try them out, and shipping both ways is free.  I was thrilled to get mine at the end of last week!

Back to the thicker frames I go.  Warby Parker has lots of great tortoise acetate frames -- just what I had in mind for my newest pair. 

Style 1: Colton in Whiskey Tortoise (here)
For me, these were a little too dark and a little too thick.

Style 2: Fitz in Walnut Tortoise (here)
These I liked -- the shape was one I was more comfortable in, and I liked the tortoise coloring.

Style 3: Linwood in Violet Magnolia (here)
This pair is a tortoise frame with just a hint of a royal purple fleck here and there -- only visible upon close inspection.  I really liked the frame shape and size of these.

Style 4: Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise (here)
Cute shape, but I thought they were a little larger than what I was going for.

Style 5: Ballard in Gimlet Tortoise (here)
A thinner frame but larger lens -- good coloring.

Oh yeah ... did I mention that their eyeglasses are only $95?

I've ordered a round 2 for the home try-on, and one of these pairs above will be in that second box.

So I know you're just loving the duck faces, but besides that, what gets your vote?

(Can I brag on them a little more?  For every pair that is purchased, a pair is donated.  Details here.)

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  1. Love Warby Parker! I think I like the Linwood or Fitz the best on you!!

    Ben did this a few months ago, but unfortunately it didn't work out for him. He is just a big guy all around, and I think it was what he chose, but every pair looked like the smallest, hipster-est glasses on him. Hysterical. I need to find those pictures.

  2. I LOVE 5! But I really like 1 as well!

  3. I actually like style #1 and #2 best! They look great on you :)

    I love the idea behind this brand. It's nice that you have time to think about it and see which pair you prefer. Sometimes when you have to choose on the spot it's difficult to know which pair you actually like best.


  4. I think my picks are 3 and 5. This is perfect because I'm desperately in need of some new frames! (Believe it or not, my mom's dog chewed mine to bits last weekend.)

  5. #2!

    What *I* really want to know is what is in the Zappos box :)

  6. Love Warby Parker! Brandon is now on his second pair (because he was ready for a style change) and it doesn't get much better than $95 and they give a pair to a person in need! Philanthropy AND style. #win

  7. My vote is for #5. Great shape for your face. BTW, where did you get that super cute sweater?

  8. I L-O-V-E my Warby Parkers - they're fantastic. And the fact that someone who needs glasses gets a pair for free is even better. You'll love them no matter which ones you settle on.

  9. What a cool website! My vote is for #2 or #3. I love that they also give a pair to someone in need.

  10. I have never heard of this!!! Might have to try this out in the very near future. #3 and #5 got my vote!!

  11. I think you can't go wrong with either #2 or #3!

  12. Definitely #2 or #3! I cannot remember what Warby Parker pair I own, but it looks like one of those as well. They have been worn for 4 years now and are still in great shape, FYI!

  13. This is so great. I had no idea there was a home trial program. All look great, but I really like #2!

  14. style 3 is my fave, but they all look great, obv!

  15. I love 1 and 3. They have the cutest glasses, but I always thought they were expensive so I never checked them out but now that I know they're only $95(!) I think I'm going to order some myself, I'm in need of some new glasses, too.

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  17. My sister works in the eyecare industry and has been raving about Warby Parker ever since they came out!!

  18. #5 is my favorite on you.

    i love warby parker! i have a pair of tortoise eyeglasses from them (preston frames). i love them and have never gotten so many compliments on a pair of glasses before.

    good luck finding the perfect pair for you!


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