Mountains: My Favorite Things

We recently escaped to the mountains for the weekend.  I realize that I often use that phrase, "escaped" to the mountains, and I considered just now swapping that word out for something less cliché ... however, it's the perfect word for this scenario.  I truly feel that it is an escape.

There's just something about the two-hour drive around the craggy mountains and up the winding roads, that is therapeutic; and what follows is even better.  

Very little planning.  Very little social media.  Very little television.  Very little calorie counting. 

Lots of snuggling.  Lots of exploring.  Lots of cheese.  Lots of conversation. 

Here are some of my favorite things:

The Ol' Greasy Spoon
Not the name of the restaurant, but just what Ian calls it.  Our favorite little diner that has no-frills coffee, flaky biscuits, and the best mushroom and Swiss omelet this side of the Mason-Dixon.

Downtown Boone
The sweetest, hippie college town.  We always make a trip to the Mast General Store and some of the ski shops.  On this trip, we bought our 2013 Farmer's Almanac and an $8 deviled egg platter from an antique store.

Visits With Our Horse Friends
There are horses in Valle Crucis that we almost always stop off to see.  We can't drive by without giving them some lovin'.

Pure Relaxation
There is nothing sweeter than being in a warm hot tub with snow swirling around you.   

And some classy beverages (HA).

And the frozen, icy spikes of Ian's hair.  It was crazy how fast his hair froze.

Comfort Food
A lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (sourdough and Havarti) with tomato soup.  Simple and tasty.

Prepping For The Zombie Apocalypse
Ian loves getting in some target practice up where it's safe to do so.

Seeing Drake In His Element
He can't get enough of the chilly air and the snow.  It is so heartwarming.

A Wood Burning Fireplace
We love the ease of our gas fireplace at home, but this one is the real deal.

Bunding Up For Dinner
Minus the feet.  Who wears stilettos in snow?!  Me.

A Post-Dinner Nightcap
Snuggled back at home, we love to have one more drink together before calling it a night.  Preferably to some great tunes on the stereo.

It's easy to fall in love with this place.  Everything about it is just perfect.  The perfect escape.


  1. Your dog in the shoes is hysterical. And you in the heels is just as good. I went to Vermont for NYE when I was like 22 and wore strappy heels. We had to wait in line in the snow. It was miserable!

  2. OMG Drake's boots!! Hilarious!

  3. Drake looks so sassy in his booties. I think I need to get Bowser some, ASAP. Your mountain weekends are so fabulous! I love that you can unplug and truly relax!

  4. Love me the Farmers Almanac! Crazy how true it is...

  5. Look at Drake's little booties, so fetch :p

    Love that this escape is so close/accessible to you!

  6. I love the dog shoes!! They are too adorable.

  7. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! That place looks so beautiful!

  8. Omg love Drake's booties. Looks like y'all had the perfect getaway!

  9. Is drake wearing booties?! Love it. I would like an escape to the mountains now.

  10. Looks fabulous. And now I want a grilled cheese...

  11. their house looks amazing! i love the mountains so much! i think it's great that y'all have that little escape that you both love so much. i've never been to boone, but it's on my to-visit list, definitely!

  12. those doggie boots are adorable! and what a perfect escape...we weren't able to make it to the mountains this year and I'm definitely missing it! unfortunately, the closest "mountains" are a good 12 hours away from us.. ;o(

  13. Is Drake wearing socks/shoes?! OMG!!!

  14. Now that is a seriously awesome mountain house!! I am so jealous of how often y'all sneak away there!

    I laughed at the Mast General Store part. Over the weekend the boys dropped us off at the Blowing Rock Outlets while they went to the Mast General Store and they ended up spending more time there than we did shopping! So funny.

    I love Drake's lil booties! He looks so happy! xo

  15. Ok, I'm a wee bit jealous of these getaways you too take. What a fun way to spend a weekend - totally distraction free. It looks so cozy and romantic!

  16. That sounds so relaxing! I love going to Boone. We go most every year to cut down our Christmas tree and it's so much fun! And you definitely can't go without going to the Mast General Store! Do you go to the original in Valle Crusis or the one in Boone?

  17. This looks like the perfect weekend.

  18. Be sure to tell Drake that while everyone else is giggling at his boots, Lily wears hers in the snow and sand and completely understands! :)

    And going to the mountains IS an escape! I am the same way with the parentals casa in the Blue Ridge.

    PS: cheese with anything is delish.

  19. I'm incredibly jealous of your mountain weekends, they looks amazing! My brother went to ASU and I loved visiting him and the gorgeous mountains surrounding his school. Blowing Rock and it's cute shops were always a must see when I visited!

  20. Beyond jealous! And that is all I have to say about that ;)

  21. How can I convince you to have a CLT blogger gathering up in the mountains :) The weekend looks divine!!

  22. Sounds like a great getaway :)

  23. oh my gosh his little dog shoes!!!! I'm dyinggg over here. I love the snow. I haven't seen it in way too long!

  24. Makes me miss my grandma's house up in the mountains of North Carolina! Looks like you had a great time!

  25. This is an escape! I'm so jealous! Love Drake's little snow booties!

  26. This looks absolutely perfect! Love Drake out in the snow, he looks in heaven!
    We are big fans of night caps too...such a great end to the evening!


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