Philosophy Faves {Changed My Skin!}

Two Christmases ago, my mom gave me a few Philosophy products.  One of those products that I immediately loved was the Purity face cleanser.  I got the medium sized bottle and -- no lie -- with daily use, that one bottle lasted me for 13 months.  Longer than a year!  Much longer than any other facewash I'd ever owned.

Right when I was ready to purchase another bottle, my friend and fellow blogette Christina at Carolina Charm tweeted that Ulta was giving away great freebies with any Philosophy purchase.  Done!

I saw her tweet while gassing up my car and I literally changed my route and headed straight to Ulta.  The freebie was the Miracle Worker trial set.  These smaller-sized anti-aging products are valued at $72 but the trial set is available for $40 (here).

Philosophy Faves

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I'm not trying to be overdramatic, but I can truly say that this trio of products has completely changed my skin.

My normal skin type is what I guess you'd classify as normal with a smidge of a T-zone oil issue and some hormonal breakouts (love. ugh.).  In the winter, it can get a little dry, especially on my temples.  I never really thought I had an issue with large pores ... until I started using this system.

The pores on my nose have shrunken drastically -- and better yet, the pores on either side of my nose are almost nonexistant.  Honest.  My makeup is gliding over my skin much easier and having more of an "airbrushed" look. 

I haven't been paying much attention to whether or not it's helping with smile lines and wrinkles, but probably because I can't stop staring at my nonexistant pores.  And the smoothness of my skin.  It's crazy.  Someone get me away from the mirror!

To me, the retinoid pads are sized a little larger than I need, so I cut them in half.  You use them all over your face and on the back of your hands.  It's worth noting that I have used a dermatologist-prescribed retinol cream before, but these work better. 

I know I tout the wonder of a lot of beauty products, but this is one I would put at the top of the list.  GET IT.  I wholeheartedly stand behind this trio!
What I've Loved:
Purity Cleanser: 8oz $2216oz $33, 24oz $41 

What I'm Trying Next:

I know that initially the prices may be a little higher than you are used to, but when you combine the fact that everything lasts so long with the fact that it works SO well -- it is worth it, in my book.

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  1. Do you use the retinoid pads daily? I'm afraid to use them more than once weekly for fear they will cause my sensitive skin to turn red! I've been using them weekly since October and I do love them, though!

  2. Oh thanks for this review...I'm always on the look out for a good facial cleanser, and it sounds like we share the same skin type. I'm all for smaller pores! I may have to snag the trial size kit.

  3. I am going to buy the kit today! I have used the Purity face wash on and off for a long time and finally broke down and got the giant bottle. No lie I've probably had it at least 2 years. Love that stuff.

    I also use the Microdelivery Peel and looooove it. Your skin will be SO SOFT when you are done.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great question, Courtney! Yes, I do use these every night. I haven't had any issue at all with redness, peeling, or flaking ... all of which I DID experience when using the Rx version cream. This seems a lot less harsh, which is great. A flaking nose just isn't pretty!

  5. I've used the Microdelivery Peel kit. LOVED IT. My skin felt so soft AND looked great. Philosophy is one of my fav skincare brands.

  6. I love Philosophy! Use the Purity Face Wash and Exfoliating Wash and they are both amazing. I use the anti-aging pads too (when I remember). I have seen a huge difference in my skin!

  7. I might have to go pick these up! My skin has been a mess lately (thanks stress) and of course nothing the Docs provide seem to work. Definitely want to try the retinol pads!!

  8. I love Philosophy, even though I don't use them for my own skin. I do like everything about what the brand stands for though! Thank you for sharing in case I need to change things up.

  9. I have been looking to start an anti-aging routine so I will have to check this out. Do you use each part everynight?

  10. I just tried a sample of the eye cream and loooooved it! Am trying to wait until I have gainful employment again before spending $60 on eye cream though.

  11. I'm also such a huge fan of Philosophy--and I second the comment above that the Micordelivery Peel kit is great. It totally revitalizes your skin. And the facial wipes are also an easy and quick way to wash your face at night when you don't feel like going through the entire routine.

  12. I'll be trying your routine post baby- no retinoids allowed just yet! I have the philosophy wash too and mine lasted sooo long I thought I might have not been using enough, ha! I've always wanted to try the moisturizer. Fabulous review!

  13. Just read this post, got online and ordered! Felt like I should share that Philosophy products are 20% at and I know you're an ebates user - which is giving 12% cash back. You can't beat that!

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