Saturday Night Shenanigans

What an awesome weekend!

Ian and I spent hours and hours in the yard.  We switched out all of our pinestraw for mulch, created some new beds, replanted two bushes that bit the dust, fertilized some plants, planted some new flowers (daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, creeping phlox, pansies) and about 30-40 bulbs (stargazer lillies, tiger lillies, elephant ears, gladiolus).  We planted a leyland cypress, a topiary tree, a pink camellia tree, and two forsythia plants. 


We're beat.

Saturday night was tons of fun and a really nice break from yardwork.  We went over to our friends' house and had some really good Southern food -- ribs, coleslaw, baked beans.  I made banana pudding for dessert.  And we got to love on a very sweet baby!

If that isn't the coolest diaper around, I don't know what is.  Little pirate booty.

Brand new mama Kim got her first sip of wine after about 41 weeks!

In true tradition, the boys got Irish Car Bombs readied for us.

The banana pudding was a hit!

We are very lucky to have such a fun group of friends.  Truly blessed.

I hope your weekend had as many laughs as ours did!


  1. What a fun weekend!! Love having a great group of friends!

  2. Aww. Love this! Perfection in a weekend :)

  3. How cute!! Can't wait to see you blooms!!

  4. Would you mind sharing your banana pudding recipe? It looks delicious!

  5. You and Ian are too cute! Looks like you had a great time with great friends. (And you friends kitchen light is awesome!!!)

  6. Looks like a perfect night. Did you do a car bomb? I've never tried one. :) Cheers to a great weekend!

  7. Great job on the yard work!! Looks like such a fun night- that baby is a cutie!

  8. 1. You and your husband look so natural with that baby! -) ;-)
    2. That meat looks DELISH!
    3. Love the chandelier in the kitchen!
    4. Love your haircut!
    Great "weekend in pictures" post!! Happy Monday!


  9. You and Ian look great holding that baby! :) Their kitchen light is amazing!!

  10. The guy in the green Boston shirt? Pretty sure I use to work with him. AHHH.. his name is leaving me right now but he's even my FB friend!! I know he went to ECU too.
    What is it???!!
    Love that sweet baby and the Jameson bottle next to the banana pudding.

  11. It's Matt!! Yep, worked at Fox with him for years and years.. He likes to get his party on fo sho!! :)

  12. Yum, you just reminded me I need to make banana pudding SOON! Do you happen to know where your friend's island chandelier is from? I love it and am in the market!!

  13. Looks like so much fun! LOVE that light fixture!!

  14. You and Ian look like naturals with that baby, haha! Looks like a fun night..I love the chandelier in their kitchen!

  15. Umm your yard sounds like its going to be lookin' fantastic!!! What a fun weekend! I'm jealous your weather is nice enough to do yard work!

  16. ha ha ha ha Ian's face is SO funny in the pudding photo!

    A friend here in RVA was trying some Mark West this weekend, is it good?

  17. I am in serious love love love with the kitchen chandy! How gorgeous. :)


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