My Six Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

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Summer is in full swing, and there are a few items that I have been loving in the warm weather!  

// 1 //
Emi Jay Silver Glitter 3-Pack Hair Ties (here)
In the warm weather, I love keeping my hair off my neck and shoulders.  These hair ties are not only cute, but they don't leave a crease in your hair.  Additionally, at my last haircut I received a little tsk-tsking due to the fact that I was securing my ponytails too tight (using regular hair bands) and causing breakage around the crown of my head!  Whoops - no bueno!  These ties are cute and they keep breakage to a minimum, ensuring healthier hair and fewer flyaways.

// 2 //
Essie Nail Polish in Braziliant (here)
Orange nail polish for the win!  Summer is the perfect time for coral and orange hues on your toesies.  This hue looks so pretty with tan skin.

// 3 //
C. Wonder Bold Cat Eye Sunglasses (here)
I purchased these in the spring and they have been so fun to wear this summer.  C. Wonder makes some really cute sunglasses, yes?!

// 4 //
Melamine Plates (left, middle, right)
Now that we've redone our screened porch, it's so much fun bringing our dinner outdoors.  I've built up a fun collection of melamine plates which are just perfect for dining alfresco.

// 5 //
Benefit's Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer (here)
I'm still really loving this primer.  It's lightweight but I feel that it really grips my makeup.  Nobody wants to enter a hot car and experience makeup meltdown!  The cost was a bit hard to justify at first, but now I will make sure this always has a place in my makeup bag.

// 6 //
L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator (here)
I switched to this BB cream from the Garnier version I first tried, and I've been really happy with it!  I don't know that I've seen any major differences between the two, but without being able to put my finger on the reason, this one just seems nicer.  Maybe it's because of the shiny metallic tube and the very soft floral fragrance.  It contains SPF which is important to use on a daily basis anyway, but it's light enough for just a little coverage when you want to hit the beach or the lake without a full face of makeup.  That plus a little gel blush and you're all set!

What are two or three of your summer essentials?  I'd love to hear about any beauty products you use in the summer that you swear by!


  1. Ever since we got our outdoor dining set I have been looking for cute Melamine plates - but so far nothing is speaking to me! Also those hair ties, they are so cute but I feel like my ponytails are too loose in them.

  2. We have AMAZING outdoor plates that Grandy bought us years ago. We *barely* use them because our patio is so gross in the summer (ACs from apartments above us drip on us, people throw cigarette butts into our space, terrible sounds/smells being basically on the street.)

    We're saving them for the Someday Back Yard :)

  3. Outdoor plates are a must if you have wee ones! I use them year-round;)

    I heart Essie's "watermelon" in the summer, sunscreen and chilled seltzer;)

  4. Lately I've been loving Benefit products, but I haven't tried this one! Love the hair ties, sunnies, and nailpolish too! I love summer

  5. I'm a firm believer that orange nail polish can be worn year-round! I have a strange obsession with it, though. I cannot get enough of maxi dresses this summer...dressy yet comfy in the heat!

  6. I need to invest in that primer - I have practically no make up left on my face by the end of these hot summer days. I love my emi jay hair ties because they're pretty but they do crease my hair. Not as severely as other ties but a definite crease such that I can't wear it down afterwards.

    It's not beauty related but one of my summer must haves is vinho verde. It's so light and refreshing!

  7. (Also didn't mean to get all Negative Nancy all over the comment section... hooray pretty summer plates!)

  8. Love ALL 6 of these! So I went in to Ulta last night to get the Benefit primer and the sales associate sold me on Studio Gear (which i am reviewing as one of my 5 for friday). But anyway, I know you are totally obsessed with Benefit, but the next time you run out look at the Studio Gear primer too! It's phenomenal and seems RIGHT up your alley! :)

  9. I can't stop buying Essie polish, all of the colors are just too good!

  10. I love everything on this list! I have been dying to try that primer for awhile now, I may just have to break down and buy it! xoxo

  11. I'm loving the colour of that polish! It's not something I would typically wear but I think I need to give it a try :)

  12. I love emi jay hair ties! I think I have one in every color of the rainbow. I picked up that primer last week at ulta and am in love! It is amazing that your makeup does not melt off in the NC heat!

  13. I love emi jay hair ties! I think I have one in every color of the rainbow. I picked up that primer last week at ulta and am in love! It is amazing that your makeup does not melt off in the NC heat!

  14. Love those hair ties!! I love that that they don't leave marks and I can leave them on my wrist and they don't look like a yucky hair tie.

  15. Loving the Essie...perfect summer color! I've been using the Garnier and I'm almost out. I was going to try another brand to see if I liked something else, but I've been happy with the Garnier. The brand I LOVE is $40+ a pop. My wallet doesn't love it that much. Love your Essentials!


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