Girls Weekend Menu

I'm so excited to have two girlfriends coming into town this weekend.  You may remember that we got together back in March for a mini-reunion, and it was just so much fun that we pledged to do it again soon.  This time, it'll be in Charlotte!

Friday we will have a low-key night at home with appetizers as dinner.  I scoured my Pinterest board for some ideas, and here is what I came up with.

Peach Balsamic Pizza
peach balsamic pizza

Chicken and Waffles

Crockpot Ranch Mushrooms
Slowcooker Ranch Butter Mushrooms: An easy appetizer for a party or gathering. No one will ever believe there are only three ingredients after experiencing the flavor punch. I leave the mushrooms whole rather than slicing them. Leftover butter is good for brushing on steaks or as a base for white wine sauces.

We'll also have some of the other stand-bys -- veggies with hummus, salami, olives.

You know how I roll on Fridays ... so of COURSE I have a fun cocktail planned for us!  I'm so excited to try a new recipe with some of my very favorite ingredients.

I just can't wait for Friday evening to get here.  Watch for our shenanigans on Instagram (@alizadventures)!

PS: Tomorrow is the 5 On Friday link-up, hope you will join us!


  1. I have always wanted to try chicken and waffles! Those look good. I just requested to follow you on insta and I can't wait to see the fun you and your friends have this weekend!

  2. Those chicken & waffles look amazing - I can't believe I've never tried them! Enjoy your girls weekend!

  3. All of that food looks so yummy!! I love just having appetizers for dinner- so many options!

  4. girls weekends are THE best - have a blast love! xoxo

  5. YUM! Adding these mushrooms to my crock pot recipe list!

  6. Pizza looks great but Brad would NOT eat that! ;) have fun

  7. How adorable are those chicken and waffle bites?! Such a perfect idea for a girls weekend menu :)

  8. Can I come and move into your house? I really think the 3 of us - and the pups would have just a grand time!!

    I love the idea of the chicken and waffle bites. How cute!!

    Enjoy the time with your girls - can't wait for the recap.


  9. just that picture of chicken and waffles makes me almost change my mind about them. Yum.

  10. It all looks delicious. Have a fun time!!

  11. OMG -- Just tried chicken and waffles for the first time and I loved it! It hasn't been more than 5 days and I want some more. Have a great weekend!

  12. That pizza looks fabulous! We took a pizza making class in NYC and learned lots of little tricks but still don't make homemade pizza nearly enough.

    Love the chicken and waffle app idea, too! So cute.

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