Back To School!

My schooling days are long behind me and we don't have children yet to be gearing up for back to school, but I have just loved seeing all of the fun back to school pictures on my Facebook feed!

Adorable lunchbox creations, chalkboard printables (like these from my gal pal Darci), and oh my GRACIOUS the first day outfits ... I can't get enough of them!  So much for the Lunchables and 4-pack Oreos I used to throw in my paper lunch bag and call it a balanced meal, right?!

School supplies are always a favorite, and I found the most adorable blogger who is offering printable monogrammed binder covers in Lilly prints.

Lilly Pulitzer monogram binder covers.

I mean, you certainly don't have to be a student to use these -- they would be really cute inserts for a recipe binder or wedding inspiration binder (oh WAIT, nobody makes those anymore thanks to Pinterest!).  Full disclosure: I still have my wedding inspiration binder.

Anyway ... Here is the link to make your own!
Let me know if you go for it.  :)

Hope to see you all back here tomorrow for our 5 On Friday link-up!


  1. Working in the school system, I always get a little excited about back to school supplies. I need to hit up target soon to decorate me office :) Might have to pick up a binder or two to have the beauties in!

  2. Not true - I'm not on Pinterest (it's a massive waste of time in my humble and useless opinion!) and I have an actual paper wedding binder!

  3. Those are so cute! I love back to school office supplies!

  4. I use binders all the time at work, just made 2 covers! Thank you for sharing! Cute paper & supplies always makes work more bearable.

  5. I just made these yesterday with the little girl I nannied for! I'm even thinking of making some for myself for my teaching binders!

  6. It looks like you ladies had a blast! I too got an orchid at Aldi this week - can't beat affordable grocery goods and a pretty flower to boot! :)

    I am new to the area and excited to get involved in the Charlotte-area bloggers arena!

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