Southern Summer Staples

Having been born and raised in South Carolina, and now living in North Carolina, I can attest to the fact that there is a distinct Southern style around these parts.  ("Around these parts" ... now that's Southern.)

Love it or hate it, the Southern look does have a certain appeal to many which is why it's not just limited to the sub-Mason Dixon states.  When I was in college, I embraced this look a little harder than I do now, but I think that's part of the fun ... trying out a bit of everything and seeing what sticks.  Seeing what makes you feel like YOU.Southern Summer Staples

Ahh, croakies. What makes these so popular in the South? Is it a practical issue? Like, you can wear your cute sunnies but keep them from falling off as you pull a fish off the line or throw a football on the beach with your beau? Regardless, hit up a pool or beach in the summer and you'll be bound to spot many sets of croakies.

Southern gals do love sippin' season, and here's another dose of cute meets practical. In the hot summer months, the insulated cup is a must, but no need in sacrificing your dainty ways while enjoying your Chardonnay!

Although our days are warm, the summer nights at the beach can be breezy and cool. A colorful scarf like this Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf (here) is an easy addition over a sundress or a white tank to keep the chill off.

Baseball hats aren't just for the guys, may as well make them pastel and monogram 'em.  I don't yet have one of these but I'm pretty sure I could stand to add one to my hat collection.

Speaking of monogrammed hats, this wide-brimmed version is perfect for the beach!  I purchased a really cute tan linen hat from TJ Maxx last year and had it monogrammed at my local monogram shop for a fraction of what you see them for online!  Hint: keep the tags attached before taking it to be monogrammed so that you can be assured that they can work with the material.

A cute tote is a weakness for me.  I use these for just about anything -- pool bag, beach bag, overnight bag for lakehouse visits, carry-on bag for flights.  The Vineyard Vines version is so cute.  I have a Lilly tote that I love, but had this sorority print version been available when I was in college, I would have been ALL over it.

So you've got your croakies on and your sunglasses aren't going anywhere, and you've got your insulated wine glass in one hand, so that leaves you with a free hand for a cornhole game!  I've seen cornhole played in so many fun ways -- on the beach, at football tailgates, at weddings, on patios at bars.  I'm not so sporty but this is one lawn game I can get my head around.

What parts of the Southern style are for you, and what parts aren't?  I'd love to hear your two cents.  


  1. I totally agree the wine tumbler is a summer must

  2. I need to get the wine tumblers as favors for my next book club!

  3. Oh my! I have everything on this list except for the croakies. My favorite is the tervis tumbler I use them all the time!

  4. Love! I'm a born & raised northerner and adore everything on this list. Can you believe my southern husband learned what a croakie was from me?!

  5. I have never owned a pair of croakies. Just not me. You know? I love Tervis Tumblers and you know what else is a Summer must??
    I love to give them as gifts.

  6. I love hearing about all thing southern! Had no idea those were called croakies either!

  7. I love cornhole!!! Also-this list could be a shoe-in for Texas sorority and fraternity rule books. Good tips!

  8. Oh, My. Goodness. Hopefully someone can tell hmcarlisle that the wine tumblers are a must for me for Christmas!

  9. love all of these! i have monogramed croakies and in college had a Vineyard Vines tote with our sorority print on the border....

  10. Cornhole is a must at any party/celebration. :) I also must get the wine Tervis definitely seems to be such a fun item to have. Of course anything monogrammed is always a must. :) Cute list!

  11. For me, southern summer style isn't complete without Rainbow sandals. I wore those all the time!

  12. I'm from Connecticut, and except for cornhole, these are all pretty much Northern staples as well. I remember having coakies as kid, though I'd never now!

  13. Yes to all of these!! But, what about Jack Rogers?! I live in mine from April till October. But I'm a transplant from Ohio, so what do I know?! :)

  14. love all of these.
    new GFC follower
    hope you can visit my <a href=">Five for Friday</a>

  15. Perfect! As a Southerner stuck up North, seeing all of those monograms made me so happy!

  16. those corn hole boards are to die for!!! LOVE this list girl!

  17. You can find everything on your list expect for the coakies in the North East. Maybe it is a preppy East-coast thing?


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