Halloween ... Bring It On!

We are such Halloween nuts. I had to work with Ian this year on when the black and orange box of goodies came down from the attic -- I said no earlier than October, he would have been happy with mid-September. We settled on September 29th. :)

Compromise. Bam.

Driving through our neighborhood, I see so many fun ideas -- the huge spiders on the sides of homes really capture my attention. Maybe Halloween '14? Here are some Pinterest ideas that are favorites of mine. I'd love to hear how you have decorated around your house!

Decrepit Dwelling -- A tangle of cheesecloth spiderwebs is a sure sign that ghouls, goblins, and other spooky types have taken over the (un)living room!

Halloween Decor

Halloween decor

Spiderweb Florentines Recipe

Smoldering Pumpkin by be amazing: "An exploration of sublimation using a gourd of the Cucurbita genus.” #Halloween #Crafts #Pumpkin #Jack_o_Lantern

Mummy dogs! Great halloween food :)

boos and booze halloween party idea

Are you as crazy about October 31st as we are?!


  1. I am in awe of those hot dog mummies.

  2. We're not "Halloween" people but I do put out a few things.
    I noticed our one neighbors went all out over the weekend. They event extended the cobwebs onto our street sign!

  3. I do love Halloween mainly because of the little kids that come trick or treating and are just so excited, and for fun, drunk costume parties with friends - LOL. We have some decorations but not over the top. They're mainly on our fireplace mantle :)

  4. I remember your decorations from last year and they were awesome! Can't wait to see what y'all do this year!

  5. I am not a huge Halloween fan, but appreciate everyone who get's into the spirit. I usually just throw some pumpkins around. Those hotdog mummys are GREAT, but kind of look like a pain in the ass. Christmas that is my speed!

  6. Obsessed with those invitations! Might be a little late to throw together a Halloween party but definitely something to remember next year!

  7. I love those mummy hotdogs!! I wonder if those would turn out as a "Pinterest Fail" when made at home though, haha!

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  9. Those mummy hotdogs are too cute!!

  10. I love Halloween so much! We are having a party on Saturday and I can't wait!

  11. I'm not a big Halloween decorator but I do scatter mini pumpkins around my house to get into the spirit a bit. I am in awe of people who decorate for all the holidays- I can't wait to see what you do!

  12. Really cute decorating ideas! I added that Tiny Prints invitation to my own Pinterest page.

    We decorate but not in a major way. We have a nightlight for the living room, cute cut-outs from when I was in elementary school hung around the house - my Mom gave us a box of favorite decor pieces when we bought our house in '09. New stuff we have added include Martha Stewart's paper crows which we recycle each year and gourds on the porch (thought no gourds this year due to the gov't shutdown). Regardless, we do decorate, but not as exciting or as complicated as I am sure we will in the future (kids, etc.)!



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