My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

The best part of Christmas is the stockings, am I right?! This week's Favorite Things link-up focuses on stocking stuffers, and I gathered together some of the items I'd love to find in my stocking -- all ringing up for $10 or less.

And Santa Baby, if you do decide to break the $10 limit, there's just one more little thing -- a ring. I don't mean on the phone. ;-)

Stocking Stuffers

Shiseido Honey Cake Translucent Soap
$9.50 (here)
I love all sorts of girly soaps for our guest bathroom, and this one is almost too pretty to actually use. Almost.

Paper Source Gold Dot Washi Tape
$5.95 (here)
I'm a big washi tape fan (I'll be sharing soon how I used it during our gender reveal party) and this gold dot version from Paper Source can be used in so many ways. A fun and unique item to toss in a stocking.

Jonathan Adler Cocktail Napkins
$5.00 (here)
I just can't get enough when it comes to cocktail napkins. I'm bordering on being a cocktail napkin hoarder. This Jonathan Adler mad-libs version is just too fun.

World Market Grapefruit & Tangerine Hand Cream
$4.99 (here)
Grapefruit and tangerine, two of my very favorite winter citrus fruits. I love World Market and this hand cream looks beautiful, too!

Swedish Fish
My candy of choice. Obsessed.

Essie "Using My Maiden Name" Polish
$8.50 (here)
I've really been into violet-hued polishes lately and this Essie version is really calling my name.

Philosophy Sugar Sprinkles Lip Shine
$10.00 (here)
I love Philosophy, I love pink, I love lip gloss, and I love anything named "sugar sprinkles."

Crate and Barrel Bakers Twine

$9.95 (here)
Similar to the washi tape idea, for a crafter's stocking, I think this would be so much fun!

So happy to be linking up with Cheers Y'all and Down With The Dearmores again for this exciting link-up. Head on over to their blogs to see what fellow bloggers are loving in their Christmas stockings!


  1. I'm loving that purple Essie nail polish on your list!

  2. Oh...The Washi Tape & Bakers twine are my fave! Love it! I can't wait for stockings now!!

  3. Those napkins are a must aaaaand now I need to go get some swedish fish :)

  4. Totally love washi tape and I got that baker's twine from C&B last year and love it.

  5. That essie color is one of my favorites.

    oh Swedish fish are my favorite!!!

  6. Okay, you so ARE a stocking stuffer mastermind!!! And all under $10 too...that's what I'm talking about.

    I think I need to jump on this washi tape obsession because it's so dang cute.

    And a love for Swedish fish and cow tales!? Girl. You have my candy-lovin' heart.

    Thanks so, so much for linking up with us again, sweet April!!!


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  8. Love that tape! Gotta love Paper Source! I also now need that bakers twine : ) Love the list!

  9. Love the crafty items-perfect and something unexpected in a stocking! Great idea! The lip gloss and soap sound so yummy!

  10. Love and love!!! How awesome are you for doing everything $10 and under!! That's my kind of shopping!!! Isn't that washi tape the best?!!? I'm a freak about it as well! ;)) Thanks for linking up again, girlie!!!

  11. What great ideas! After seeing your post last week, I decided to link up today, too. :)

  12. yesss keeping the budget is key! These items are fab lady!

  13. I almost picked that washi tape up yesterday at Paper Source - that is a great stocking stuffer idea!! Love all your ideas :)

  14. I love that you love swedish fish!! So good!

  15. May have to try that soap out, I love that brand!

  16. Never can go wrong with Swedish Fish!

  17. Okay, Swedish fish in my stocking would be gone by the end of the day! Also, you can never go wrong with a philosophy lip gloss!

  18. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an obsession with cocktail napkins. I'm seriously a hoarder! Huge fan of the washi tape, best stuff ever. Seriously.

  19. That tape looks so fun! I don't know what I'd do with it though...

  20. Fun list!!! I always love candy in my stocking. ;) Those cocktail napkins are adorable...good idea!

  21. I love it all! Especially the washi tape and pretty soap!

  22. Great list! I love the idea of a favorite candy. Nail polish is always a good stocking stuffer.

  23. Thanks for posting this! Our parents are taking us to the Homestead over Christmas this year, and we all (10 of us) decided to do one $10 gift per person, and it's so hard to find things! You've done the legwork for me :)

  24. Washi tape and baker's twine?? You're singing my song! Such a fun list!

  25. Love that all of your picks are under $10! And that hand cream looks so fabulous...!!

  26. I'm a sucker for cute cocktail napkins!


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