Thursday Thoughts + Libby James Album Giveaway Winner!

Happy first day of spring! I am oh-so-ready for warmer temperatures and long, sunny days. I used the dark evenings and the chilly temps as a major excuse for not getting out on neighborhood walks, but I'm really looking forward to getting out a little more often now. I also have some painting projects to complete that were a little too tough with the chilly temps. Ian's attending Daddy Boot Camp this weekend for three hours which should give me plenty of time to knock out a few of the painting projects along with my other to-dos ... thank you notes, addressing some invitations for a shower I'm cohosting, and purchasing lots of spring flowers for our yard.

Ian has already agreed to plant them all while I stand over him and direct him on what to plant where ... God bless that man.

Tomorrow is Five On Friday and I hope you will join us for the weekly link-up!

Positive Affirmations for Abundance

Lastly, I am thrilled to announce the winner of the Libby James Album giveaway ... drumroll, please!

Unknown said...
Thanks for sharing this great resource. You've read my mind... photo printing and organizing seems like such a daunting task. It's the thing on my to-do list that keeps getting moved to the next day even though I understand the value in having our wedding photos in print for years to come! Hard for me to pick a favorite photo from our wedding but it definitely would be one of the raw, emotional, candids... like the one of me with my dad just seconds before walking down the aisle.
Kate Madden said...
By the way the "Unknown" listed above is me-- Kate Madden. Had to go in and figure out how to change my profile! ;-)
Kate, I will put you in touch with the Libby James folks so you can get started on your gorgeous album.

And for everyone else, great news ... if you'd like to order your own album, you can use code ALIZADVENTURES20 for 20% off of your order! This will be valid until midnight on March 26th. I absolutely love our album (and putting it together was a joy ... and easy!) so I hope you will take advantage of this awesome opportunity.


  1. I am so glad Spring is finally here! I can't wait to start planting flowers in the front flower beds soon!

  2. i am SO ready for warmer temps! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. It's been gorgeous here the past two weekends, I am so excited for warm days.

    Good luck on your garden!

  4. Definitely fill us in on what you decide to plant. I need some ideas for our front yard.

  5. I can't wait for all the Spring flowers to bloom. It's usually beautiful around here, but I just feel like Spring brings that sense of renewal.


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