I Am /// I Am Not

I Am...

... a sale shopper, and pretty much only a sale shopper.

... trying to be better about returning texts and emails on time.

... all about this girl when I pick her up at the end of the day.

... moreso a fan of lunch dates than dinner dates these days.

... slowly learning how to use a sewing machine (again).

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Infographic- for Merianne..

I Am Not...

... a fan of roller coasters.

... done with the Housewives. I wish I could quit them, but I can't. 

Role call: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne (L-R) Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Andrea Moss, Lydia Schiavello, Gina Liano and Chyka Keebaugh

... scared to speak my mind (most of the time).

... disorganized. But I am a procrastinator.

... tall.


  1. :) Cutie!

    I am not sick of the housewives, yet...but getting there. I'm loving Jersey Belle though!

  2. I don't watch the RHW or any reality TV anymore, EXCEPT one. My friend just got me into Married at First Sight. It's a social experiment and SOOOO interesting. I am completely hooked! 4 doctors interviewed a bunch of people and choose 3 couples to get married who have never seen or talked to each other. I can't get enough.

    1. Omg, I'm hooked on this too!!! I love the blonde chick and firefighter. (Can't think of their names!)

  3. Hah! I love this, April! I can relate to so many. :) And I just can't seem to quit the Housewives either. I'm so behind though. They are taking up too much prime real estate in my DVR. My hubby almost erased them all the other day, and I almost had a panic attack. Lol. I have the same procrastination thing, too. Which is why there are so many shows I still need to watch. ;)

  4. Oh she is getting out of control cute April!! That's fun that you're learning to sew again, having a girl totally brought that out in me too, I just want to sew her dresses all summer long.... But then remember British summers last three minutes, one will do!! xx

  5. Can I jump on board with you on the return calls and texts train?? I am so so bad with this!

    Love that pic of you and C! So sweet :)

  6. Love this! Returning calls and texts seems to get harder when you have little ones! I too can not quit the RH (although I don't watch all versions!)

  7. LOL! Oh, how I miss our lunch dates.

  8. Yah for sewing machines! They are so much fun! Practice makes perfect use lots of scraps to test your stitches!

  9. Love this! You had me at sale shopper!! The only way I know how to shop! Lol!

  10. Oh, those housewives. WHY are they so addictive? Goodness. I can't stop either. And totally understanding why lunch dates are preferable now - evenings are for babies and husbands. It's hard to give those up!

  11. hahah i love this! i have tried to quit RHW a few times and i just keep going back!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  12. aw look her sweet face! both of y'all are so pretty! i can't quit the housewives either. ugh. sales...only sales! agreed!

  13. I really need to get workin on my sewing machine but I'm just lacking the motivation right now...I'm hoping to get over that.

    At the end of each season of the areal Housewives of Pickacity I say I am done and I'm not going to watch it next season if so and so is still on.....then comes the next season and I am hooked!!!

  14. I can't quit the Housewives either! I'm a sale shopper too. :)

  15. Quit the Housewives?? Why in the world would anyone want to do that? :) That's my ME time. Glass of wine and RHO...whatever.

    I wish I was a sale shopper. But I tell my husband I am. I like to walk in and the outfit I want is right in front of me.

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