The Baby Is Six Months

Six months. Wow. 

We celebrated your half birthday on November 14. Our fifth month together was just tons of fun and filled with giggles! You are making all sorts of happy noises these days and we love it. 

In your fifth month, you mastered flipping from your belly to your back, and BAM -- sleeping through the night happened. I fully attribute that amazing feat to you not getting "stuck" on your belly in your crib. You still are doing a bath from 6:15-6:30 most nights, a bottle and snuggles from 6:30-7, and now sleeping from 7 until 6:45-7:00am. Hallelujah.

You are a lot more interested in Drake these days, and the feeling is quite mutual.


You love having things in your mouth -- a rattle, Sophie, your hands, your toes.

Playtime in the gym is still a favorite way to pass time, and you are sitting up better and better on your own this month!

We noticed you getting really interested in what we were eating and drinking. At my mom's prompting, I even gave you a sip of water ... you loved it!

You enjoy being read to. :) This is important to us, for you to love books.

Just such a happy baby, that gummy grin is one I'll never tire seeing.

You had your first Halloween and dressed as Dorothy. Daddy surprised you with your own little Toto.

You had a wonderful visit from your Great Aunt, who loves you very much.

And you had your first hike! We went as a family to Crowder's Mountain one Saturday.


Your fifth month was your last one of being on milk alone. Big changes ahead starting in month six! You are almost 17 pounds, you are wearing a good amount of size 6 month clothes now, and you're in size 2 diapers (and size 3 overnight diapers).

Look at you, growing growing growing!
Love you, dear baby.

Our fifth month favorites

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  1. What a sweet way to commemorate the time. She's a living doll!

  2. She is your mini me! So cute, and I can't believe that she's already 6 months old! :)

  3. Camille is such a happy baby! Yay for her sleeping through the night. I love the pictures of her with Drake and the ones with her "reading"!

  4. I didn't realize what a chunk she is!! Love it! I can't believe size 2 diapers still work! We switched to size 3 at 13 lbs (sooo many blowouts)! I wish we could master the sleeping thing!

  5. SUCH a beauty!!! And Good Dog Carl! That was always one of my favorites as a kiddo. I have memories of my dad making up a ridiculous story each time! :)

  6. Happy half birthday, Camille! She is one beautiful little girl!

  7. I mean seriously she just gets cuter and cuter every single month!! All these photos are just too precious!

  8. Oh girl, she is so precious! I love her little mustard colored onesie, too cute!

  9. What a cutie! And love the way you are capturing all her milestones :)

  10. You've such a gorgeous little baby;)!

    Wish you and your fam' a great and comfy pre-christmas evening;),

    NIKA B.

  11. She is such a doll! I have been following you since you were pregnant, and it's crazy how fast time flies with these girls! Six months was one of my favorite months. It only gets better and better. We are two months shy of my little C's birthday, and I just want to cry. Happy six months to your sweet Camille!

  12. Happy 6 months, sweet Camille! Oh, how the time flies!:) She is such a little sweetheart!

  13. she has the most beautiful eyes! happy 6 months camille! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  14. OMG, I just love that picture of her "reading"!!!! What a good one to show her teacher know, in case we don't figure out a way to stop time and actually have to send these girls off to school ;) And the Dorothy costume just kills me every time!!! Such an adorable little babe!!!

  15. Sleeping through the night! Cannot wait to hit that milestone!!

  16. Gosh six months already!?!?! Such a beauty she is :) And a big hooray for sleeping thru the night !!!

  17. Happy six months, Camille! What a cutie!! And hallelujah for more sleep!! Avery took til about 6 months to do it, but it's such a wonderful thing! We occasionally have a 5 am wake up but I will so take it over every 2-3 hours! :)

  18. Awww so sweet photos!

    And a happy half birthday to her :)

  19. Oh, Camille! You are the cutest! Happy Half Birthday Little One!

    And congratulations on getting her to sleep for so long during the night. That's no small feat!

  20. What a sweetheart! She is such a beautiful, beautiful baby! Clearly smiling with all of that love from Momma & Dada ;)

  21. I can't even handle the cuteness!! Adorable. Happy 6 months!

  22. She is growing up so quickly. I adore that picture of Camille and Drake looking at each other. So cute. Love the list of favorite things at the end too.

  23. She is so darling! I love the picture of her holding the book like she's reading it. Ha! And she continues to have such gorgeous eyes. Wow.

  24. One would think it couldn't humanely be possible, but I swear she just gets cuter and cuter!!! Can't believe 6 months have flown by so fast!

    Parenthood looks good on you guys .... Camille is a blessed baby girl! XO!


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