Teacher Appreciation

Today starts Teacher Appreciation Week at Camille's daycare and I thought it would be fun to hear some stories about your very favorite teacher.


When was this teacher in your life, and what sort of impact did he or she have on you?

(I secretly still wish I'd been an education major so I could be a teacher.)


  1. I come from a family of teachers and grew up with so much respect for them! They don't get enough credit!

  2. My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher because she was the most loving person and actually waited to retire so that she could teach my siblings that followed me. I did Teach for America and taught for 6 years before taking on a more flexible job that allows me to work from home with my babies. Teaching is such a tough job and I'm so thankful for those that continue it each year!

  3. The best teach I ever had was my first grade teacher. She was always happy, sweet and oh so gorgeous. I wish I had been a teacher sometimes b/c of how great an impact a teacher can have.

    Karen in London

  4. aw this is so sweet! i loved my second grade teacher :) she was really encouraging and she made me really look forward to going to school. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I loved my US History AP teacher! I credit her for teaching me how to really study and be prepared for a college course! I'd love to hear abour your favorite teacher too, I was hoping you would have included that in your post!

  6. We still send Christmas cards to my kindergarten teacher! She was the reason I am miserable, oops I mean a teacher, today! Ha! You were smart to not be an education major! ;)

  7. Im graduating in December as an elementary school teacher... the above comment has me nervous.. you hear it way too much from other teachers :( uh oh


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