Whirlwind of a Weekend

This past weekend was just wonderful.  It all started with a half-day on Friday and getting picked up by my girlfriend Kerry so we could head up to Greensboro, NC to celebrate the marriage of Ashley and Chase!

Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the wedding.  I'm planning a separate post for this event, because as you can imagine, I took tons of pictures!

Ian and I returned yesterday to Charlotte and did some housework and errands -- typical Sunday stuff.
The weather was just so gorgeous, and so we spent the last few hours of the evening relaxing on the patio together.  I had my Kindle and and a red wine spritzer (idea courtesy of Lindsey) and Ian was studying some info for work.  Later we fired up the grill and went to work on dinner, which was lettuce wrap burgers with chipotle sweet potato fries!  Some folks on Twitter asked for recipes, so without further ado...

The spritzer - almost gone and ice is melting quick from being outside with me.  But still delicious!

Red Wine Spritzer
  • Red wine
  • Ginger ale (I used diet ginger ale)
Add both to a glass in whatever proportions you wish, and top with lots of ice.  Simple!

Sweet potato fries, lettuce wrap burger, chipotle ranch sauce

Lettuce Wrap Burgers
  • Head of iceberg lettuce
  • Hamburger patties
  • Brie
  • Desired condiments
Pull some large leaves from the outside of the head of lettuce, doing your best to keep them intact.  Run them under water to rinse them and lay on a dish towel to dry.  Grill burgers and top with brie cheese slices towards the end.  Lay 2-3 large lettuce leaves on your plate in a narrow "V" shape with the strongest ends together.  Place the patty on the strong ends, top with condiments, and then fold lettuce around to eat. 

The sweet potato fries are just out of the freezer -- they are the Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries and they are heavenly.  We love them because you can make only as many as you want, and keep the rest of the bag in the freezer.  We eat rather healthy during the work week, so we like a little splurge on Sundays!


  1. I love lettuce wrap burgers and will def try them with brie next time! And aren't those fries the best?!

  2. This looks so delish and Im absolutely going to try the red wine spitzer this week. :)

  3. YUM! I'll have to try that spritzer!

  4. i love love sweet potato fries! seriously addicted to them. sounds like a wonderful weekend you had

  5. I love all the Alexia products (their Ciabatta rolls are TDF!) We just tried Wendy's sweet potato fries yesterday and they are good too :-)

  6. Mmmm..those fries look yummy! Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  7. I just ate, but now I'm hungry again ;) Looks like a delicious weekend to me!

  8. I can't wait to see your pictures from Ashley's wedding! Your dinner looks delicious! Love lettuce wrapped burgers :)

  9. Sounded nice! I looove the spicy sweet potato fries! They're my fav.!


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