A Day In {The Travel} Life

One of my loves: taking a peek into how other people live!

Last week when I was in Rochester, NY for work, I documented the day through my phone.  Travel is a big part of my job this time of year, and I assure you it's not always schmoozy company-paid dinners and sweet-as-pie flight attendants.  Ha, I wish!

Day begins early at 5:00am.  I start off by checking emails on my phone and (my favorite) scrolling through Instagram.  I don't always wake up this early, but I needed to go see the client first thing that morning.

Laying out all of my makeup is one of my easy and quick stay-sane tricks.  No digging through the makeup bag when every minute counts!  As you can see, I'm a big fan of drugsture makeup.

5:30am: Dressed and curling my hair.  I washed it before going to bed the night before as a time-saver although I'm not generally a fan of that.  Anything to speed up the early morning, though!

11:00am: Leaving the client and snow is already accumulating on the rental car.  Time to quickly head to the airport!

11:20: Arriving at the Rochester airport.  Love smaller airports because of how quickly you can zip in and out of them.  No shuttles, trams, or spread-out terminals.

11:45: Checked in, checked my suitcase, and purchased a crab salad wrap for lunch.  Ate it quickly before boarding my first flight of the day.

First flight from Rochester to Philly.

Quickly grabbed a shuttle from one terminal to the next in Philly.

Yes ma'am!  Upgraded to first class for the second flight of the day.  A small perk of frequent travel.

Favorite plane accessory: my black pashmina.  On this trip, I used it as a scarf during the cold days and evenings.  For the flights, I use it to keep warm, and occasionally rolled up as a pillow.

Perk of upgraded seat: my favorite plane snack duo, white wine and Biscoff cookies.  Add a little spider solitaire and some girly magazines and I'm a happy girl.

5:30: Arrival in Charlotte, waiting for my checked bag.  I love my CLT airport, but they never seem to rush with the checked luggage.  C'mon guys, mama needs to get home!

6:00: After waiting for the shuttle to the daily parking deck, I had to run through the rain to get to my car!  Yay April for choosing a parking spot not in the parking deck.  My hair went curly and I was slightly soaked, but still a little thrilled to be heading home to see my guys.

Rainy roads made for a trafficy and longer ride home.

Finally, HOME.  There's no better feeling than pulling into your driveway!

Even happier to see this sweet arrangement waiting for me.  That monkey, HA.  We always like to pose it in funny ways for each other and send pics.  That crazy monkey was holding my bottle of wine and a cute note.

7:00: Neighborhood bar with Ian for wings.  Our cozy, no-frills place.  So happy to be back.

As I write this, I'm in Orlando and gearing up for another travel day home.  Today I'll have a direct flight (yay!).  So much easier than trying to make a connection. 

Do you ever travel for work?   What are some of your tricks for keeping it all together?


  1. Beautiful flowers, very spring ti

    =) Brooke

  2. I am obsessed with your eye lashes! They are so pretty!! (very random, I know, ha)

  3. So cute! I travel lots for work too - I should do the same thing! People think it's a cushy life but it's never any fun living out of a suitcase.

  4. Ummmm, can we talk about your iPhone case... I LOVE it! I also think the Monkey story is so cute :)

  5. What a long day, but I love that sweet note and the goodies waiting for you. :) Thankfully I don't travel for work, but I'm sure there lots of great shortcuts out there to make traveling easier.

  6. Wow, seems like a long day to me. Safe travels today on your way home.
    xo, Maria

  7. First time commenting. You just reminded me of my previous life. I travelled for work for 4 yrs before kids. Yes, it is not as glamourous as it looks. Please do share what's your secret to making your lashes pop! Love them!

  8. Bless your heart for checking your bag AND parking in the daily deck! You go girl!

    Presch of Ian...he's so sweet!

  9. Ahh we are so much alike! SO many of my days are like that :) It was glamourous when my biggest client was in Hawaii, but now my biggest client is in freezing cold Michigan and its not quite as fun!

  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the flowers, note, wine and monkey. What an adorable idea and what a wonderful husband you have! :)

    Loving your blog!

  11. Your husband is so sweet! When my husband travels for work, I always kind of feel bad for him. Last night he called me at midnight and was just having dinner and still had a ton of work to do. Nothing is ever as glamorous as it seems!

  12. I used to love the idea of traveling for work, and then I did for a summer and it lost its fun a little bit.

    It definitely takes some planning to make it go smoothly - but I think a good rolling suitcase and a good book are a must for successful airport travel! :)

    Hope you get to enjoy some time at home for a few days!

    Cows, Corn, Country Girls

  13. Love this post! Day in the life. And is that Genny Cream I saw in one of those pics. Oh man!

  14. I travel for work too! People are always like oh look at you so fancy - they don't know what it's like to have such a sick hatred of freaking airports and hotels! Haha! Luckily - I do get to do a lot of nice dinners/ happy hours since I am in sales. Yummy but bad for my diet! haha

  15. Love this!!!! I think you commented on my Day In The Life post a few months ago.... I just can't get enough of these, I LOVE that daily glimpse! :)

  16. yes i travel for work - but not as much as i'd like - then again it can be exhausting too! - the bumps of first class are ALWAYS nice!

  17. Daily sneak peaks are so fun! :) I used to travel about 75% of the year for work. My biggest time saver is having a cosmetic bag solely devoted to travel size products, with everything I need in it. Last minute? No big deal, just grab and go. I still have it this day for our personal travels, and it's packed up in a suitcase right now ready for this weekend! :)

  18. I loved this post! In fact, I'm not a big fan of flying and I always think about women like you who do it every single week.

    You area always so put together and cute and I really loved the little set up that Ian had waiting for you.

    Such a good boy!

  19. First time commenting. I am a flight attendant, so yes I travel for work. It takes a huge toll on your body. I do the same things as you as far as the makeup setup. I pack an extension cord for my hair appliances, as the outlets always seem to be in random places in the bathroom at most hotels.

    FYI. Don't use coffee makers in your hotel room. Some coworkers of mine cough...pilots...cough cough are know to 'wash' their socks in the coffee makers.

    I love the monkey wine set up. I got lots of welcome home flowers when my fiancé and I were dating. Always makes you feel good coming home!

  20. The flowers were such a sweet gesture!

    As a former flight attendant, my favorite travel tip is to double up on what you can, like shampoo, lotion, mini hair dryer...and store it in your suitcase when not traveling. Saved me lots of packing stress!

  21. I was a trade show manager before children and I remember one month when I only slept in my own bed four nights. I can't believe I survived that!

    Wine and flowers! How sweet!!!

  22. I'm so sad that we missed each other by only a few minutes in Philly!! I don't usually travel for work; that was the first time! It's something I'd actually like to do though. I love to travel, but not flying!

  23. Lucky lady with those sweet treats waiting for you when you got home! :) I always travel with a Lilly Murfee Scarf- they are the perfect weight and spruce up my outfit when I need it! I also tend to not wear a lot of makeup until close to landing, {if its early in the AM} so I look fresh on arrival!

  24. Great tips! That is very sweet of your hubby to leave a sweet welcome home message with wine! Love that monkey! ha!

    Sorry it didn't work out for us to see eachother while you were in Orlando! I hope we can get together next visit! ;)

  25. Bryce traveled a lot for work before I met him and when we were first dating (in fact, his first year with his company he was gone 300 days out of the year), luckily now it's usually shorter trips and they're less frequent! I don't know how you do it!

    I'm also with you- I definitely prefer to wash my hair in the mornings, but I like getting to sleep longer more, most days, haha!

  26. Oh, almost forgot--love the monkey idea!

    Believe it or not, I still sleep with a stuffed bunny I've had since kindergarten. Bryce enjoys posing him in funny ways all the time!

  27. SO cute! Ian is so sweet with the flowers/wine/monkey. I'm a big fan of small (and yet the meaning is huge) gestures like that. Love seeing the day in your life!


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