Friday Friday Friday

Heck yes, it's Friday, and you know what that means ... dance party in the car on my way home!

(Confused?  See this post.)

And just so you know, I've found that I equally love the Petey Pablo Pandora station as much as I do the Pit Bull Pandora station.  Don't know Petey Pablo?  He is the genius behind one of my all-time fave songs, "Freek-a-Leek."  It's a classic. 

Petey Pablo.  What a sweetheart.

That song takes me back to Panama City Beach, 2004.  TKE beach weekend.  I still have a scar on my shin as a reminder of this epic fraternity getaway, but that's another story.

I also downed two dozen raw oysters in one sitting on that trip.  Not exaggerating.

Anyway - speaking of shellfish, dinner the other night was one of my most favorite quick & easy entrees -- mussels!  I even sliced us a piece of foccacia (which is a real treat for us on a weeknight).

Confession: I go super-easy with mussels most of the time.  There is a brand that our grocery store carries called Pier 33.  The mussels come in a box in the freezer section and they are vaccuum-sealed.  They even have the sauce frozen in the package.  You literally just cut open the package and heat for 10-15 minutes in a pot with the lid on until the shells open.  I do add in some splashes of white wine, butter, lemon juice, and/or herbs ... you know, to not feel so guilty about how easy this is.  Recently this brand (normally $4.99/box) was buy-one-get-one, so yes, I got the boxes for $2.50 each.  One box is enough for both Ian and I for dinner.

For a side we had roasted tomato slices topped with parmesan cheese, basil, balsamic, and oregano.  We also had salads with blue cheese, pears, red onion, and hazelnuts.  And a homemade vinaigrette, of course!

Tonight we're taking it easy and making homemade pizzas.  Ian asked me this morning to shoot over a list to him via text of anything he could pick up for us from Trader Joe's.  Done and done!

I hope your weekend is wonderful and long.

Join me today for a dance party in your car?


  1. LOL I saw the pic for your post on my blogroll and was like, "petey pablo on a friday.. this is going to be good!"

    BTW... can you move to Texas so I can have dinner over nightly? My goodness!

  2. One thing I do miss now that I live in NYC is car singing/dancing. I never sound better than when I belt out tunes behind the wheel.

  3. This food looks amazing. I love when food looks and feels fancy however is super easy to make. I'll have to try tomatoes that way.

  4. Did you just say Petey Pablo and Pit bull? Um hello, two of my favorites hahahaha OH GIRL I ROCK OUT SO HARD ON FRIDAYS AT 5! Windows down shades on BLARING the music! hahaahh mainly Lil wayne too.

    ps I WANT that food!

  5. That looks like a yum dinner. I needed some new ideas because I feel like we're in such a rut so thank you!

  6. You are hysterical. I must admit, I was not super familiar with the musical stylings of "Freekaleek"--I always associated Petey with the NC take your shirt off helicopter song. But after spending the past 5 minutes watching both videos on youtube (while at work), I am sooooo ready for the weekend.

  7. 3 reasons why I particularly loved this post: 1) I love that you pulled Freak-a-leek out, omg. Loved that song! 2) My hubs is a TKE so that made me smile. 3) That salad looks SO GOOD!! Enjoy your dance party this afternoon :)

  8. Homemade pizzas stay out for us tonight. We'll be at a Gala instead. Fancy Schmancy!! LOL!

  9. You guys eat so well! I love your food posts, because they are easy enough for novice cooks, but still look really delicious and pretty!

  10. Oh my gosh yes Freak a Leak haha that made me burst out laughing :) Hope your well, gorgeous! xo

  11. Hilarious "what a sweetheart"! I do like that song and rock it hard. Came on my ipod today while leavin work and I thought @ this post!!!! And then 2004 club hopping with my bestie..... I think we knew all the words!!


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