The Reedy River Recessionista's New Monogram

This past Saturday, my youngest sister Laura (who you know as the Reedy River Recessionista) was honored with a gorgeous monogram shower.  Three of her best friends and their mothers hosted the shower.

I drove down to Columbia to our family's house, and Laura, Mom and I drove across the neighborhood to the shower location.

Our family dog Tipsy making an appearance in the picture!
The hosts did such a great job with the shower.  There were blue, white, and coral pink pom pom balls hanging from the walls.  The living room had a drink station where you could top off your champagne with orange juice, pomegranate juice, or peach juice.  Yummy!

The breakfast room table was brimming over with food -- thank goodness I'd skimped on breakfast that day.

Since this was a monogram shower, the guests brought all sorts of goodies for the bride-to-be with her new monogram or their new joint monogram.

This below is a tin that Laura can use for the goodies she bakes (she is a fantastic maker of macarons).  How cute is it?!

She got countless other cute items -- barware, servingware, tea towels, a monogrammed candle, a Lilly serving tray, cutting boards, jewelry, my goodness that girl will be set!

And here she is opening the gift from me - 

I had spreading knives with acrylic handles with a "C" monogram tied on top of the gift with the blue ribbon.  And then I wanted something for Laura to sport on her honeymoon, so I got this cute linen hat embroidered in ivory with her new monogram.

The finished product is difficult to see, but you'll see a lot of that hat this summer ... I couldn't help it -- I purchased a duplicate for myself with my monogram!  SIGH.  I'm going to need to work on that.  

Laura's future mother in law and sister in law also gave her a monogrammed ribbon that she can embroider in the inside of her wedding gown.  It also has their wedding date on it.  They framed it to present it to her.  Such a sweet idea.

Below is Laura with all of her girlfriends that came in from the shower.  I told them that I felt like I was doing photography for a pageant -- they are all so gorgeous!

And below is the bridesmaids picture -- just missing one, our middle sister Sarah.

Laura with her future MIL and our mom.

Laura with the shower hosts.

Check out Laura's recap of the day here.

I, too, was given a monogram shower before our wedding, and it was so much fun!  I think this is a really fabulous theme for a shower, and you can have so much fun buying items not included in the couple's registry.


  1. Such a great idea for a shower!! I just checked out your sister's blog. I live in the same city as her! I will definitely be following along :).

  2. Such a fun idea! I bet your Dad is ready for the weddings to be over! HAHA!

  3. I love the ribbon idea! Congratulations Laura!

  4. What an amazing shower! Love the pictures. xo

  5. So fun. I love your dress!! And I have the same *problem* as you.. one for you, one for me ;)

  6. Cute shower. You all look so cute.

  7. Adorable. My Bridesmaids also threw me a Monogrammed shower and I loved every second of it!!


  8. Adorable. My Bridesmaids also threw me a Monogrammed shower and I loved every second of it!!


  9. What a great idea for a shower. I'm already married, but would love getting all monogrammed gifts. So special. Looks like you all really had a great celebration.

  10. Such a cute idea for a shower! Love your dress too.

  11. Love the theme and I LOVE you dress- where did you get it??

  12. Such a cute idea! Everyone looks so pretty. I love your dress, April! Can I ask where it's from? I'm always on the hunt for cute maxi's. :)

  13. Love your maxi dress, so cute!!

  14. I just love the idea of a monogram shower! I'm always guilty of buying gifts in twos as well! I find that PERFECT gift and decide it would be the perfect gift for me, TOO! Haha!


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