Get Paiiiiiiiid.

Sometimes it's hard to get jazzed about reading a blog post that you feel is "sales-y." 

You know, you feel a little pressured to click some referral link that is going to end up costing you money (and lining someone else's pockets).

Being totally upfront?  I'm definitely going to pass along a referral link in this post (I'd be crazy not to).  But the reason for this post is truly heartfelt and genuine ... it's something I've benefited from and that I really think will benefit you.

About two years ago, I first learned of Ebates.  The philosophy is simple -- when making an online purchase, use Ebates as your middle man, and then earn a percent back on what you spend.

So, for example ... here's my face cleanser.

If you go directly to, you pay $20.00 for the 8 oz. bottle.

If you go to and then link from there into, you pay $20.00 for the 8 oz. bottle and then get 10% cash back that is deposited into your Ebates account.

That $2 may not seem like a lot, but it's  And it adds up.

To date, I have earned back $102.48.

Easy money.  And I'm not even a huge online shopper!  They deposit it straight into my Paypal account so that I can go blow money on Etsy.

Maybe you need to order a flower arrangement for Mother's Day ... you'd be out of your mind to not go through Ebates.  You have the pick of the litter -- Proflowers, Teleflora, FTD.  And today, Shari's Berries is the featured seller -- instead of the standard 4% you earn from them, it jumps up to 12% back.  Mom gets chocolate covered strawberries, and you get money back in your wallet.

Ebates is associated with 1500+ stores.  It's always, always worth checking before making a web purchase to see if you can go through Ebates first. 

Recently I earned cash back from Buy Buy Baby for a baby shower purchase.  I earned cash back from Crate & Barrel for a purchase off of a girlfriend's wedding registry.  I earned cash back from Home Depot when I purchased our chandelier online.  I earned cash back when I gifted two Cooks Illustrated magazine subscriptions to my mom and aunt.  I earned cash back from buying Ian L.L.Bean slippers for Christmas. As you can see -- the savings rack up quickly!  Most importantly, they are purchases that I planned on making anyway.

So obvs the referral link is scattered all over this post, but just in case you want a formal invitation to join, click here to set up your account.  :)  I held off for so long about posting this because I was afraid of how it would be perceived.  But after I just found out yesterday that I crossed the $100+ cash back threshold, I couldn't hold it in any longer!

Do you use Ebates?  How much have you saved?


  1. I've never heard of EBATES--this was so enlightening! I use Purity face wash too. I love that stuff. And I love the new blog design!

  2. i use ebates too and you're right, its so smart. confession - when that first BIG FAT CHECK arrived in the mail i thought to myself "there is no way this is real, im gonna get laughed out of the bank." but it worked and for this online shopper, its fantastic!

  3. I just joined eBates a few weeks ago, and I just got my first check for about $2. Doesn't seem like much, but you're right, over time it adds up!

  4. I love Ebates! If only I'd known of it sooner than a few months ago!

  5. I always forget about ebates! I peruse ebay for Lowe's coupons but then forget about this. And I'm a HUGE online shopper. Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. WHAT?? i love to online shop, why haven't i signed up for ebates yet? what am i waiting for??

  7. 1. love the new design as now i can comment to you on this old computer. your last one was causing me issues, i think maybe it was too high tech! 2. i was going to do that and hubs thought it was spam! thanks for the intel.

  8. Ebates is wonderful. I love getting cash back!

  9. Just joined Ebates...thanks so much for the recommendation :)

  10. I just got my first ebates check in the mail this week! I bought a faucet on and because they can ship to the store I got 10% back plus didnt pay anything for shipping. Love saving $$!

  11. Got my check in my Paypal account today! Holler!

  12. Thank you for being so upfront in this post. I can't stand when people try to hide the fact that they are benefiting from the content that WE as readers are reading. I could tell that you are actually excited about this "product", and you aren't just passing along some sales pitch and pretending to be

  13. Thanks for posting this! I hear so many talk about it but I always forget to check it out. I joined. Now if I can remember to go to the site before I shop, lol.

  14. Ebates is one of my favorite things in the entire world! It's so easy, and I've earned so much money back from airline tickets and travel expenses. In addition, a lot of times they have coupon codes in addition to a cash back %! Love them!

    Also, on a side note...I don't think you should feel bad about posting a referral/affiliate link. I find a lot of amazing things through bloggers that I would otherwise never know about. I really don't see what's wrong with fellow bloggers making a small % off of something in compensation for all of the time and effort they put into planning out a post! It doesn't cost me anything extra, and it makes my life so much easier to just click a link that leads me directly to the item in a blog post than to have to search endlessly for the product online. To me it's just a small way of supporting the blogging community. Ok, end rant. Sorry lol!

  15. Well now I think I need to start going through eBates when I buy things...

  16. I also use that facewash, I love it! The big one has lasted me like a year and a half and there is still some left!


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