Weekend Happenings

Friday evening I came home and my husband had two coworkers over for a ping-pong match.  My thought: YES - I can totally escape to the back patio with a cocktail and last month's still unread copy of Real Simple magazine!

Usually I'm a wine girl, but I love making St. Germain cocktails when it's warm out.  This cocktail was a mixture of St. Germain elderflower liquour, Absolut Citron, and Pellegrino.  Oh, and a rosemary sprig!

Once the guys left, Ian and I grilled out.  Since we splurge on the weekends, we went with cheeseburgers, fries, and baked beans.  And then our real splurge ... a few episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  We are obsessed.

Saturday, we busied ourselves with errands and house chores.  Four loads of laundry (including the Pinterest vinegar/baking soda towel trick which worked miraculously), re-mulching, mowing the lawn, cooking, getting an oil change, paying bills, hanging a new picture, grocery shopping, whew! ... exhausting but satisfying.

That evening we celebrated Lindsay's birthday at her house with a cook-out.

Sunday, I woke up and baked Paula Deen's Lemon Lavender Gooey Butter Cake and put together a fruit salad before we hit the road to head down to the lake to have lunch with the family for Mother's Day.  On the way back home, we got a call from Ian's mother, who decided to come into town a day early ... she was already on the road to our house!  A quick run back to the grocery store and we were ready for dinner for three Sunday evening -- enchiladas verdes and refried black beans.

Long gone are the days of sitting cross-legged for hours in front of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons, but that's okay.  :)


  1. That drink looks soooo good!

  2. What a great weekend! Cartoons are overrated, anyways. :)

  3. I see an ECU-themed cornhole set! Spiffy! :)

    ...that cocktail sounds great, as all of your cocktails always do

  4. I love your shirt! My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is the funniest/weirdest show ever.

  5. I feel like our weekends are oddly the same! Love life like this!

  6. Your weekend sounds like the perfect mix of productive and fun! That cocktail looks delish. :)

  7. I'm going to have to try the towel trick. Just repinned it : )

  8. What a great weekend yall had! Glad to hear the towel trick I can try it haha. Oh, I bought the dryer balls on Monday and I thought of you. :)


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