The Baby Is Eight Months

Month seven ... month of eating, moving, grooving, babbling, exploring! Good gracious, you are a happy baby.

You also have discovered a new smile. The "crinkly nose," as we call it.  

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, 9 month pajamas, and you've moved up to size 3 diapers for both daytime and nighttime. You are still in Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry at night. I thought for sure you would be an Honest Company diaper girl, but the Pampers just work so well with you.

You have also become really snuggly, and when we take you up to your crib and put your pacifier in your mouth, you immediately lay your head on our shoulder. Melts us. 

You are saying "daaaa-daaaaa-daaaa" in a VERY loud voice and we can already see that you are no shrinking violet.

During your seventh month we continued exploring with various fruits and veggies, and you are taking pureed foods and sometimes gnawing on some apple slices to keep you busy. 

We got to see you experience the joy of Christmas! Too cute. 

You are our joy.

Every. Single. Day.

Love you, dear baby.

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  1. She's just the cutest! I love the pic of her sitting with Santa and Mrs. Claus. She's like "now who are you again?" haha
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. she is so adorable!!! xo jilian

  3. She is such a doll! And that little crinkle nose? THE cutest! In some pictures I feel like she looks like Ian, but in others, she is your spitting image!:) Happy 8 months, Camille!

  4. she's so so cute. she looks JUST like your husband in the first picture, then JUST like you in the second!

  5. she is too too sweet April! what a little babydoll <3

  6. She's so sweet ..and that crinkly nose.. Oh my!! I have serious baby fever!

  7. She's so sweet ..and that crinkly nose.. Oh my!! I have serious baby fever!

  8. April! Camille is SERIOUSLY PRECIOUS. She looks like she has such a spunky and sweet disposition...and that crinkle smile!! SO DARN CUTE! You are a blessed momma :)

  9. loving all those sweet little faces she makes...and that crinkle nose is the best!!!!

  10. Such a sweet girl! Baby snuggles, that is what I'm looking forward to the most with my little girl. I can't wait!

  11. She is so adorable! I love all of her outfits!

  12. The absolute sweetest! What a doll! xo

  13. Oh the crinkly nose grin...Elyse did it and I'm just praying that Nora does it too! Some of my favorite photos!

  14. She is the cutest!! That crinkly nose is adorable. Xo, Stephanie

  15. Those eyes and that crinkly nose. So sweet!


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