Charlotte Tidbits Launch Party

Last Thursday evening, my good girlfriend Lindsay and I attended the Charlotte Tidbits Launch Party at Alexander Scott. 

Alexander Scott is a great new interior design market on pretty East Boulevard that is just busting at the seams with finds for the home. 

Lindsay and I made our way through the two-story delight of a store, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the interesting finds in each room.

From artwork ...

... to furniture ...

... and everything in between ....

... we were in love!  And the entire store was filled with some of the most stylish girls I've ever seen in Charlotte, sipping wine and celebrating Charlotte Tidbits and all of the great things that this twice-weekly email has accomplished so far.  How else would we learn where to shop, eat, and play in the Queen City?

Here's who is behind it all, Converse Roberts:

Congratulations, Converse, on all of your successes with Charlotte Tidbits!

Now, on a different note, calling all pumpkin lovers!  (I know I've got your attention now)  Hop over to Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box for a Pumpkin Loving Linky Party today.  I posted my Pumpkin Crisp recipe there, and you'll also find some other amazing pumpkin recipes and DIY crafts too.  The pumpkin curry soup especially has my mouth watering.

Last but not least, have you entered the Swell Caroline monogrammed earrings giveaway yet over at Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore?  I've never had my fingers crossed so hard!


  1. what a fun night...and I love your top!

  2. I love the shirt you are wearing! I think you posted about it last week and I commented on that too, but it is really cute.

    And I did the link earlier this morning. I put up a pumpkin bread recipe. I've made it twice this week already, it's so good!

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow love all the fabulous pieces! looks like a fun launch party and I love your top!

  4. Aww, glad you had fun and wish I could have attended with you. That bamboo mirror is gorgeous!

  5. You look great girly! Glad you had a nice time. Sounded like fun!

    Thanks for the pumpkin crisp recipe.. sounds so good!

  6. You look gorgeous! What an amazing store, I like everything you featured!

    So the wedding in Greenville was for Kevin Klein and Megan Dunnigan who both wen to Furman. Kevin was a EX brother of Kris'...was so fun! xo

  7. This looks so great! Too bad we don't have one of these near me...

  8. You do look gorgeous! I'll have to check this out!


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