5 On Friday: A Link-Up!

Announcing ... a brand spankin' new link-up!  Whooo lawdy, this is going to be FUN!

Here's how it works:

I'll tell you about five things that are making me happy this Friday. 
You blog about five things that are making you happy this Friday.
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We all get to see each others' Five On Friday posts!

If you've never participated in a link-up before, I promise it's easy!  Additionally, it is a great way to meet new people and also have them visit your blog.  Since I'm participating in this with Darci, Natasha, and Christina, the link you add below will be visible on all of their blogs as well.  Lots of potential foot traffic, my friends!

So here's my 5 On Friday.

I can't believe that Ian and I are about to celebrate our two year anniversary this coming Tuesday.  Two years, people!  How does the time just fly?  We have such awesome memories of our wedding and I can't wait to spend all day Tuesday reliving them.  Oh, and spoiler alert -- I have a really fun love series coming your way to celebrate!

(I'm sorry, but I love Ian's brother's face in this photo.  It is just begging for a "SHOOT. I'm next" caption)

{2} Sauvignon Blanc.
I love it.  That is all.  Especially if it comes from Marborough and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I think you can get a spectacular bottle for $8-10.  I heart me some SB.

{3} Pinterest beauty tricks. 
I've learned so much!  I swear, if Pinterest is the replacement for us cutting out magazine articles and sticking them in 3-ring binders, then we were all being way too selfish with our binders.  I love the tips and tricks I've seen fellow gals pin!  This concealer trick is such an eye brightener.

And it brings me to my next love...

{4} Hard Candy Glamouflage Concealer
This concealer can cover tattoos.  Enough said, right?!  I purchased it in a shade slightly lighter than what I'd typically purchase, but once I cover it with my powder, it immediately brightens up my whole eye area.  Plus, the little concealer pencil that comes with it is great for throwing in your bag for a mid-day blemish touch-up, if needed.  If I have a spot to cover, I hate when my concealer pulls a disappearing act during the workday!  Did I mention this combo is found at Walmart?  And it's $6.  Booyah.

{5} Our Europe Trip!
We have had the best time planning for our trip.  Spending nights in bed, iPads in hand, and doing research on the areas we'll visit has given me sweet dreams.  I absolutely can't wait to be on that plane, headed toward lots of happiness and adventure.

I hope you guys will link-up below with your 5 On Friday.  TGIF!


  1. Happy Anniversary my friend:)

  2. TWO YEARS already?! Happy (almost) Anny!! And I cannot wait to hear all the details on Europe!!!

  3. Love that wedding day photo of y'all ---- absolutely stunning!!

    And I'm in total agreement regarding being able to find a really good, affordable bottle of wine. One of my favorite things in this entire world. Not so much the finding of the bottle, but drinking of the entire thing (yes, vote for me now for mom of the year). Honesty is my policy.

    And lastly, that concealer!!! Need it! Can you just swing by and give me a makeover?

    So excited for your big trip! You will never, EVER, regret going *big* for anniversaries! We did the same before we had J and I am so, so thankful! Happy almost anniversary, sweet girl!

  4. I will have to try that concealer trick!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I am definitely going to have to try that concealer.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I love SB, too.. best summer wine ever.

  7. happy happy almost anniversary friend!! i love looking back at sweet!!

    and thanks for the concealer trick...i am going to have to try that out today!

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    EUROPE. Yay.

    I apply my concealer the left way now. I did the right for many many years!

  9. Happy anniversary!! Isn't Pinterest the best for hair and makeup tricks?! Even having taken several classes in makeup artistry, I feel like I'm learning something new all the time.

  10. I was such an avid reader of all of your wedding posts - leading up to it and then all of your recaps. That whole set of links may have been one of my first stops on the internet once I got engaged in January. Happy happy happy 2nd anniversary! xo

  11. Happy Anniversaary! I love your wedding dress and that picture just screams LOVE! I need to try that concealer. Just so your know I will be living through y'all on your Europe trip...jealous!

  12. Our anniversary is next Thurs!! happy early! Oh and Maskara is my fave make up blog. She rocks my socks off.

  13. Happy two year anniversary! It goes by so fast doesn't it? We're approaching 3 years and I can't believe it!

    I'm so envious of your Europe trip!

    Happy Friday lady!

  14. My goodness you were a gorgeous bride! Love your dress! Need to try that concealer and can't wait to hear about your Europe plans. The hubby and I loved visiting Europe pre-baby days, hopefully one day we will be able to visit again!! Thanks for hosting this fun little link up! Happy Weekend!

  15. im so so excited y'all are hosting the link up :)

    happy anniversary! hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! xoxox

  16. You were such a stunning bride!! When do you guys leave for Europe? I love that you are getting in a trip abroad before babies. I'm hoping Joel and I have the opportunity to do the same - it's going to be such an incredible experience.

  17. happy anniversary!! and hello thanks for that concealer tip!

  18. Happy Anniversary (a little early)! Can't wait to hear all about your trip to Europe! And thanks again for organizing the link-up!

  19. Happy early anniversary sweet girl! So many great memories lie ahead, starting with that amazing trip!! I can't wait for your series coming up and I will link up next week since I do a pretty similar thing (Friday finds) yay! Xo

  20. New follower from today's link up!

    So glad I found a new blog to read!

    Hope you come visit :)


  21. Happy (almost) 2 years :) Time flies when you're having fun! And I SERIOUSLY need that concealer! I gotta try it out!

  22. Happy Anniversary - you were a gorgeous bride!

    So with you on the SB. Marlborough's are my fav as well, and I really like Starborough for an affordable find.

  23. What great things. I'm definitely going to have to party with you girls, and support my fellow Carolina girls. So interesting about how to do the concealer. I've been doing it wrong.

  24. Oh wow!! Europe will be amazing. When are you going? Happy 2 years to you two. I love that picture..your dress is stunning!

  25. Hope you have a fabulous time in Europe! I am going to my walmart tomorrow to check out this concealer, I have been looking for one to brighten my eyes!

  26. Oh I'm totally going to play next Friday! Happy almost anniversary! I pin so many things on pinterest and then never look at them again- I need to start actually using it :)

  27. Love this link up! Pinterest is def every girl's new bff;)

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