Summer Makeup Wishlist

Here in the South, the days are getting warmer and I'm gearing up for make-up meltdowns with a few targeted purchases. 

Summer Makeup Wishlist

Bobbi Brown Blush: Pale Pink
I purchased this many years ago and was admittedly sad to spend $25 on blush when I knew I could get a drugstore version for a third of the price.  But I was with girlfriends getting makeovers, so it was worth it to me.  Well, that $25 blush lasted me for -- I don't know, three or four years?  It is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.  And in the heat?  Does not move.  I'm now using an Ulta blush that was much less expensive but I'm running through it quickly and the compact already broke at the hinges.  Bobbi Brown will be my next purchase (and you can bet I'll be pairing it with a Saturday afternoon makeover, too!).  Pale Pink may look too Barbie-pink for you in the packaging, but it's such a gorgeous natural-looking pink when applied.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
I've heard nothing but rave reviews about the lasting power of your eyeshadow after using this primer.  In the high heat of the summer, when my eyeshadow likes to migrate all around, I think this will be a much-appreciated addition to my makeup routine.  I love my eyeshadows too much to have them disappearing in my eye creases!
MAC Lipstick: Russian Red
On those warm days when I want to skip heavy eye makeup all together, I find that the perfect balancing act is done with some fun red lipstick.  Here in the Carolinas, humidity is ever-present.  Ever-present.  I've actually gotten into a steaming hot car some summer days that is so hot and humid that it seems to melt my mascara-coated eyelashes together.  Ever have that happen?  This classic red is all I need for a "done" face when I want to skip heavy liner.  It deserves a spot in my purse, and stat.
Just a few more products I'm still loving:
I can't stop obsessing over the magical powers of Seche Vite
Still loving weekly at-home peels with Philosophy "The Microdelivery" Peel Kit
Still think L'Oreal Lineur Intense is the best liquid liner on the market
Nightly face washing with Philosophy Purity is a must for me
My beloved mascara is still L'Oreal Voluminous Power Volume 24H
What beauty product is on your summer wishlist?

UPDATE! is having 20% off  sale going on now ... perfect time to stock up! 


  1. I just love the Philosophy line! And I love all the sample they give away at Nordstroms!!!

  2. I love the Bobbi Brown blush. Definitely a good pick! And their makeovers are always so fun. Mostly because it looks better than when I do it myself ;) Haha.

  3. My NARS blush (also $$) has lasted me forever. I'll try Bobbi Brown next time I'm in the market for it.

  4. If you AND Kate Middleton are both wearing this blush, I need it, stat! Also, the eye primer won't disappoint!

  5. I rarely wear eyeshadow but I own that UD primer for my special occasions and IT WORKS. It's seriously crazy how good it is.

    And yes -- my eyelashes have melted together before. Freakiest feeling ever!

  6. The Urban Decay primer works great! But I also kept seeing that ELF's primer works just as well and didn't believe it, so I tried it and it really does... and nothing ever stays on my eyes, so I was shocked. I am also OBSESSED with Seche Vite!!! It is so amazing...

  7. Everyone is right - the Urban Decay eye primer is a miracle. I wear contacts so I'm constantly rubbing my eyes throughout the day, and it's the only thing I've found that helps everything stay put. I also really like Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Spray - it 'sets' the makeup so it doesn't move!

    Also I tried Seche Vite for the first time last night - AMAZING!

  8. The UD primer is AWESOME. Definitely worth it!

  9. I just discovered Seche Vite about a month ago - I don't know how I didn't know about it before. That stuff is awesome!! It is a must have for anyone that does their nails at home.

  10. Bobbi Brown blushes are fantastic. Totally worth the hype. I'd be lost without the UD primer potion! I actually got a set at Christmas time, and it came with the original and some tinted ones. The Russian Red has been on my wish list for ages!

    The Grass Skirt

  11. That primer is my absolute favorite thing in my makeup bag. It's really amazing how much bolder my shadow looks and how much longer it stays on. I'm toying with getting their face primer, too. That is probably also great for hot summer days.

  12. i use mac's paint pot in "bare study" as a primer and it works great too!

  13. Hmm sounds like I need the primer. My favorite is when my sunglasses fog up from the steamy temps upon walking outside!

  14. I wear the BB blush too. I was hesitant at first because, OH MY, it looks really pink. Perfect on.

    I will try your red lipstick. I have tried countless others and have not been able to pull it off.

  15. I feel exactly the same way about lipstick in the summer! Charlotte has so much pavement that you can practically hear it sizzle. Lipstick, mascara, and foundation is my go to most days.

  16. I love the urban decay eye shadow primer- it works wonders!

  17. i really want to try out the urban decay primer, apparently it's a miracle worker! Will have to start saving up to try it out x
    love the post, big fan :) x


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