Spill About Your L-O-V-E: The Wowie

When I first stumbled upon The Wowie, I'm slightly ashamed to say that I read the whole thing.  The whole, entire blog.  First page to last.  Her family is, hmm, maybe the most adorable thing you've ever seen.  And she is dang hilarious.  So do yourself a favor and pay her a visit ... I think once you read about her below, you'll do exactly that!

{1} Describe your dating life prior to finding your husband. 
I started dating a guy in grad school and thought he was the one.  I was not myself… over the top jealous, possessive and completely obsessed.  I assumed the change in my behavior meant I was madly in love. We fought, we broke up, we got back together, I threw things at him, we broke up again, we got back together again… you get the picture.    Our relationship was like spoiled milk.  I kept putting it back in the fridge, even though I knew it was time to dump it out.   Then one day, I realized he was the one… the one driving me bat$%&* crazy.   I called it off, and never looked back. 

When SK and I started dating, everything was so easy.  (NO, that does not include me.)  He was so courteous, happy and never confrontational.  We didn’t argue or yell, and I did not want to physically harm him. 

If I could give the single folks of the world one piece of advice, it would be this- if the relationship you are in has been work from the beginning (when everyone is on their best behavior), it is probably time to find a new relationship.  It just shouldn’t be that hard. 

{2} Describe your husband in one word.  How would he describe you in one word?
I would describe SK as selfless…he really is.  He would describe me as interesting (translate “crazy”)… I know because I asked him.   

{3} You had a really silly fight.  Embarrassing silly.  What was it about?
A couple of years ago, I was promoted to VP of the company that I work for.  I was ecstatic and super proud of my accomplishment.  I didn’t want to tell SK over the phone, so I waited until I got home to break the news.  I wanted to see his face while he showered me with what? Compliments? Balloons? Diamonds? Not sure what I expected, but what I got was an all expense paid trip to eat at a BBQ joint. 

I was livid.  Like, wouldn’t eat the ribs livid (if you knew how much I liked ribs this would mean something to you).  He knew something was wrong but, of course, I wouldn’t tell him.  I waited until we were home before ugly crying and letting him know that…

He was not proud of me.
He did not think any job, other than one in the legal profession, was a worthy one.
He did not think women should work outside the home or be successful.
Places with bibs do not scream “special occasion.”

Of course, none of those things were true.  He assumed we would go out later (without kids) and really celebrate my promotion. 


I would like to blame it on hormones, but I don’t think that was the case.  At least we got a new family tradition of celebrating every momentous occasion with a half rack and a side of slaw and beans. 

{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years.
In five years, I hope we are driving across the country with our two boys (who will be nine and twelve) pulling an Airstream.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect way to see our beautiful country, spend quality time with family and make lasting memories.  

SK hopes the RV is parked at a Ritz Carlton. 

{5} Tell us something about your husband we wouldn't know from reading your blog.
I don’t really talk about him on the blog, so there is a lot people don’t know.  I also don’t talk about our relationship.  I think it is because I don’t want to come across as being braggy or syrupy.  But y’all… I have the sweetest husband.  He is so kind and considerate.  He brings me coffee in bed every morning.  He emails himself when I mention something I like and then buys it for the next occasion.  He is successful and a hard worker, but he rarely lets his job interfere with our family time.  He cleans the kitchen after I cook, and BOY do I make a mess.  He is the best daddy I could have ever dreamed of for my children.   He gets them dressed for school, helps Wells with his homework, coaches all their sports teams… and never complains about any of it.  He loves me, and he shows it. I’m not saying things are perfect.  We have disagreements and get on each other’s nerves. But, we also choose our battles.  

You can’t keep score in a marriage.  If you do, everyone loses. 

I know y’all are all barfing in your Birkins, but I am so blessed to have him in my life. 

Sorry but you will have to excuse me… I am feeling a little nauseated myself. 

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your husband, but you did?


  1. Just checked out your blog Wowie and I love camping too! :) Everyone thinks we're nuts.. we tent camp right now but we're in the market for a camper/Airstream type too! :)

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  3. Thanks SO much for including me and for that gracious introduction!

  4. Love all her answers and what an adorable family they are!

  5. Her blog is great! Love it & thanks for the interview. :)

  6. What a great series!! I am definitely going to have to check out her blog--they sound like the cutest couple and she just seems so REAL!

  7. I love those trailers! Your family is adorable!


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