My Dear Mama

Mothers Day was so special this year because I got to visit with both mamas -- Thursday with Marsha, my mother-in-law, and my own Mom a few days later.
Mom and Dad were down at our lake house, and with it being located just over an hour from Charlotte, I had the perfect opportunity to go see her for Mothers Day on Sunday.

When you have siblings, there's something special about having an "only kid" moment -- and that's what I got on Sunday.  Ian was at home staining the fence, so it was just me, Mom, and Dad. 

After going out to lunch, Mom and I just sat out on the screened porch and chatted.  It was definitely the highlight of my entire day.

Later that night I got the sweetest email from her that brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.

There's just something special about a mama-daughter bond.  Something so very, very special. 


  1. That is the sweetest post. I love that she sent you an email later that night. I woke up Monday morning to a sweet text from my Mom. :)

  2. So fun! Glad it was a great day

  3. How sweet! Just the kind of Mother's Day I hope to have with my children when they get older. your dress! ;)

  4. days with one-on-one time with your parents are definitely priceless! I appreciate them so much more now that I'm married and have a kiddo!

  5. This is so sweet! And I know exactly how you feel about having one on one time. Those moments are few and far between, but so special. My Mom and I love to bring a bottle of wine on the beach on Sunday afternoons and just chat- hoping I can do it at some point this summer! ;)

  6. Sounds like such a special and perfect day. Time spent with our Moms are truly the best!

  7. LOVE that yellow dress girl! Gorgeous! Is it Antro?


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