I'm Apparently A Softie.

One thing that continually surprises me about my husband is how dang good he is at negotiating.  He can be very firm (yet polite) and he will always get his way.  It's incredible.

Maybe it's because I'm a people-pleaser and confrontation-avoider by nature, but I just would rather pick my battles.  And maybe I'm just a bit of a softie.

In the almost two years we have been married, he has saved us so much money.  Negotiating with our cable provider, sprinkler guy, cell phone company, electrician, roofing company, car repair shops ... he handles it all.  And I think he gets pleasure from doing so!

Earlier this week, I found out that my phone (iPhone 4) won't be compatible on our Europe trip. 


I wish I were kidding when I said that I felt tears coming to my eyes.

First of all, What. About. Instagram.

Secondly, I have put in tons of time and effort downloading all sorts of apps for travel.  The Paris metro app, Viber for free calls, French and Italian language games, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Trip Advisor City Guides, and (my very favorite) the Rick Steves Audio Europe app.  This app is free and you can download walking guides and interviews about all sorts of topics.  I had the best time driving to Asheville this week and listening to an interview between Rick Steves and two French tour guides about Paris cafes.

Anyway.  My super negotiator of a husband called the phone company on my behalf and got them to accept an early upgrade date and then ordered me the iPhone 5.  All I have to do now is make sure everything is uploaded to the Cloud and then switch over the phone, which should be here Monday.

Question here for you -- what do you all do about storage space?  My phone is over capacity for storage space so it no longer syncs to the Cloud.  I have a ton of photos on it (nearly 3000 and I've already deleted TONS, literally hundreds). 

How do you manage your storage space on your phone? 

Also, please tell me I'm not the only softie out there? 


  1. Goodness no, you're not alone honey!

    I recently transitioned from leasing my car to deciding to purchase the vehicle. I brought the car in, had it looked over to make sure we could have it certified pre-owned for warranty purposes. The dealership charged me $350 just to look it over, they didn't do one thing to the car.

    I (not thinking that there was anything I could do to dispute the charge) paid them and left, and called to tell Ben what happened. He absolutely flipped. My Dad also flipped. Ben called the dealership and after much debating, letter writing, and a call to our bank to dispute the charge, I ended up with $350 back in my pocket.

    I actually paid them for nothing! And walked out! I tell you, no negotiation power right here.

  2. My husband is exactly the same way! Maybe it's primarily a guy thing? I'm also scared of confrontation, although my husband is trying really hard to "teach" me his ways, haha.

  3. I'm sure you know this already, but just be careful with your data usage on your iphone internationally. The iphone is always "searching" and "updating" so you rack up an unbelievable amount of data roaming charges. Even with the international package and keeping my data turned off the majority of the trip- my iphone bill was over $2000 for our 2 week trip. Learn from my mistakes! xoxo

  4. When do you guys leave? Yikes on Laura C's comment. I would TOTALLY ASK about that before going!
    As for storage. I was having a similar problem and literally deleted almost every last picture and video off my phone after uploading to Shutterfly. Things are MUCH better now. I like you, had thousands of pictures.

  5. BTW - I'm NOT a softie. I'm probably more of a hard-ass than Brad in most cases. For reals.... Remember the curtain saga?
    Also, did you see LSU is playing Furman in Baton Rouge this year? It's Homecoming and I'm going!! WOOT!

  6. I'm a softie too, but I LOVE that your husband was able to upgrade you before your trip. That's so wonderful!

  7. you can actually increase the storage on your cloud through the app store. i think it costs about $15 annually for the extra space. good luck!

  8. I had AT&T for separate trips to Iceland, Ireland, and Germany and had zero issues. My Iceland trip I was really careful and hardly used my phone at all. My Ireland and Germany trips my phone was on (not using wifi) and acted as my GPS, navigation, trip organization, etc.

    Basically EVERYTHING. I took 10 day trips and only paid $180 for the entire month including my regular plan. So I figure I used $40 or $50 in extra gigs for the trip. Amazing.

  9. GO IAN! That is awesome he negotiated the upgrade for you!

    Hurry up, Europe trip!!!

  10. The upgrade is awesome!! We were just in Australia and used our phones, just turned the data off and kept them on plane mode the whole time and used wifi wherever we could. That worked great for us and we didn't have any issues.

    I am having the same problem with my storage and I have no idea how to fix it without paying for more but there has to be a way!

  11. AWESOME . I wish my husband did this he is an over tipper type :/ . I have a mac laptop so I literally have to upload all of my pictures each week since baby has been here so I have space. Then it is saved on my computer and it will ask me if I want to delete it on my phone , I hit goal is to print all of the important ones out onto a booklet from walgreens or shutterfly. I cannot wait to see your Europe pics!!!

  12. I called Verizon about traveling in Monaco, Paris and Italy and each one has different phone rates per minute. The data you could get a $30 package for a certain number of MB but I think she said it only equaled 300 emails. Basically I think the only way to use your phone over there is turning your data off and only doing email and iMessage when on WiFi. Otherwise, you're going to pay out the tail!

    And on the pictures - I just copied and pasted all of my phone pictures to a folder on my computer (that gets backed up) and wiped my phone clean. It was hard to do (I couldn't part with the pictures) but worth it.

  13. You are so lucky your husband is a negotiater! I am so not. I always just pay whatever they tell me too! I try not to keep too many photos on my phone, only 300 or so at the most, so I don't have much advice for you there. BUT, have a fantastic trip!!

  14. Since my only European trip (Italy) was on our honeymoon, and we had a strict "leave the phones at home and focus on eachother" rule, I've no clue about overseas compatibility,etc. :( (Looks like there is a good deal of great advice above, though!)

    My mom and I are planning a trip to France when I graduate from my masters program, though, so I cannot wait to see your pictures from Paris and get any advice I can from ya!

    Very excited for you and this fabulous trip you have planned! When do you leave?? :)


  15. If you can unlock your iPhone 4 from the carrier, you can buy SIM cards when you get over here- it is so easy. And CHEAP! Think 5 euros for data/ phone/ text. E-mail me if you want more info or have questions... we do this all the time with family visiting.

  16. He sounds juuuuuuuuust like Sam!

  17. April- I had the same thing happen to me recently and FREAKED OUT. Finding out my phone would not work in Paris was NOT OK!I feel your pain, lady! luckily my mom decided it was time for an upgrade so she got a 4S which will work- and I'll just have to upload on wifi...

  18. I had to move all of my pictures to my computer not using the cloud- but hooking it up to the USB port. This freed up a ton of storage space on my phone. I also deleted a ton of apps that I don't use, it sucks how fast you run out of storage.


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