Cinco de Mayo Festivities

Cinco de Mayo
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Let's play a game, shall we?

Every time you hear "Cinco de Drinko" between now and this Sunday, you have to take a sip of your margarita.  Which also means that you need to have a margarita in hand at all times.  Not a bad game, if you ask me.

I myself am so excited for Sunday shenanigans with a Mexican twist ... margaritas on the rocks (of course I want a salted rim!), mariachi band music, cheesy enchiladas, guacamole galore, and lots of "¡ole!"-ing.

Charlotte has some fun events going on, including a big Saturday night block party on Montford and a Mexican beer garden event at Pacos Tacos on Sunday.  Oh, and Vida uptown has chihuahua racing ... enough said.

In the perfect world, there will be no no 4am Monday thirstiness, no 10am Monday morning headaches, and I'll be able to sport the cute ensemble above.

dress: Asos ($46, people, $46!)
top bracelet: Charlotte Russe ($6)
middle bracelet: Tory Burch  ($195)
bottom bracelet: Madewell ($10)
gold sandals: Aldo ($50)

Okay, so the dress, both friendship bracelets, and the sandals all combined cost less than the Tory Burch bracelet, but hey -- a girl's gotta have one splurge item, right?!

How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


  1. Cute dress! I've been invited out for Saturday night but I think I'm going to give Brad a night out card instead.

  2. so funnn! you and fabulous k ( have great taste! cant wait to sip on a marg all weekend! which reminds me, let's go get mexican on our next date!

  3. That dress is the best! Love love love it (and the accessories you paired with it!!)

  4. LOVE that dress........ and this totally made me realize I have not a damn thing picked out to wear for Cinco de Mayo (we're having a mini fiesta here at our casa).

    And I'm "IN"..... want my phone # so you can text me "cinco de drinko" every hour on the hour between now and Sunday? ;) ;) Love me some margs!! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead!

  5. I cannot wait to have my first marg in 11 months!! Loveee that dress

  6. Love that dress! Cinco de Mayo is the day after my birthday so may liver may not be prepared for it. But we may be going to Montford on Saturday night!

  7. That dress is so fun! We are having some friends over to grill out that night and margaritas will definitely be on the menu!!

  8. Every lady needs a splurge now and then! She also needs a handsome gen't to keep her margarita fresh!!!

  9. Adorable dress - I hope you have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo.

  10. oh my good gracious i need that dress for our upcoming vacay to mexico!! eeek - so cute!!


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